Enterprise Security

Dragonchain offers unique and advanced capabilities to counter security threats using traditional infrastructures and best practices.

Hybrid Blockchain Architecture

We harness the privacy components of a permissioned blockchain with the security and transparency benefits of a permissionless blockchain to create a hybrid platform. This allows businesses to selectively share data or business logic with a public blockchain without exposing sensitive data.

Our architecture is GDPR/CCPA/HIPAA compatible to protect personally identifiable information and mitigates the risks associated with data breaches and nefarious actors.

Measurable Security of Multiple Blockchains

During the verification process, the data payload from every transaction stays with the business, and proof of the data is sent for decentralized verification. To understand the amount of security leveraging multiple blockchains provides, Dragonchain pioneered the concept of measurable security. We are the only platform where every transaction is secured by leveraging Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other networks to provide approximately $4 billion (USD) worth of immutable security each year.

Quantum Encryption

Businesses can leverage our quantum encryption and signing capabilities integrated at the core of the platform or integrate their preferred quantum encryption method to encrypt business data and communications. Quantum security technology can be integrated without changing existing business systems to ensure all your business data is secure at rest and in motion.

Smart Contract Gated Data Access (SC-GDA)

Dragonchain created the first Smart Contract Gated Data Access (SC-GDA) system. Businesses can leverage SC-GDA to secure and audit all data access points via smart contracts. The system limits access to business data and records every action on-chain for proof of chain of custody and immutability.

Advanced Identity Verification and Authentication

Our advanced identity verification and authentication technology protects against nefarious actors looking to infiltrate business systems. We have solutions for individuals to maintain control of their sensitive data and for businesses to streamline and secure KYC data. The system also protects IoT devices, AI, and software.

Behavior Systems

Businesses can leverage our advanced behavior system to address security vulnerabilities and counter user fraud by motivating employees and partners to follow any prescribed workflow. This process is crucial in securing systems from human interactions and is often overlooked when creating security protocols.

Ransomware Protection

Dragonchain offers unique solutions to ransomware issues to prove the integrity of data. We use a combination of data segregation and mirroring techniques along with a provable disaster recovery process to ensure that recovered business data has not been altered and is complete.

Our flexible and customizable approach to security allows a business to implement workable solutions to solve their specific security challenges. Contact us today to discuss how our security solutions can work for you!

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