Unlock Digital Value with Data Confidence

There’s a better option than legacy verification processes. What if you had a single source of truth?

Enterprise-first Blockchain

Designed from the ground up to be enterprise-first yet leverage the decentralized nature of blockchain, Dragonchain is a turnkey for hybrid deployments in the cloud or on-premise. The platform is ready to adapt to enterprise data center strategy and existing IT infrastructure.

We intelligently automate the process to be secure and private, sharing data in real time and connecting to other systems companies already use, building trust between you, your partners, and most importantly. Your customers.


Data Broker Consulting

Enable Dragonchain experts to design and implement solutions and integrations for transforming how you exchange data and deliver services at a micro level.


Blockchain Platform

Start building your applications, and write smart contracts in any coding language, using our blockchain software in the cloud or on-premise.

Choose the Leading Blockchain Brand

“This groundbreaking partnership bridges the digital divide in inner-cities. Dragonchain provides real enterprise business solutions. Combined with our unique high-performance edge computing, storage, and security technology, we are creating an exclusive capability.”Jeremy Diamond, MetroEDGE COO
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Blockchain Ready in an hour

Developer-friendly, intuitive, fast. Write in any coding language.

Traditional blockchains are difficult to understand. Dragonchain makes it easy to create transactions with value or data, and build blockchain solutions, all in collaboration with your existing IT infrastructure.

That’s the easy part! Let us help you begin your journey towards clean, real-time data with our blockchain planning guide.