High-performance enterprise-first blockchain

Leverage the skills your developers already have to put your data and business logic on your very own private/public hybrid blockchain.

What is Dragonchain?

Dragonchain is a blockchain platform for rapid development

Dragonchain is used by enterprises and developers to build blockchain applications and integrate this technology at a rapid speed into their existing software and systems.

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Dragonchain Solutions


Ownable, decentralized communities to take on fake news, trolling, and censorship. Be rewarded for content as judged by the community.

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Harness the power of blockchain to capture and archive anything on the web. Secured by leading, public blockchain networks.

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GDPR and CCPA capable identity management to Increase security, reduce your risk of storing customer data, and increase customer engagement.

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A decentralized Learning Management and Record System built for The Experience API (xAPI) standard. Monetize your knowledge.

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Provable Contests

Provide contest participates with measurable and immutable proof the selection was fair. Let us power your next contest.

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Loyalty & Rewards

Tokenize your reward program with new modeling, retention, and loyalty incentive methods for improved customer satisfaction.

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For Business

Not sure what to make or how you can integrate blockchain into your application? See a few of our solutions to spark an idea.

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For Developers

Writing to the ledger is immediate compared to others which take minutes or hours and may be slower under load performance.

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