Blockchain as a Service for Enterprises & Developers

Dragonchain’s open source blockchain platform gives enterprises and developers the resources they need. Build private/public hybrid blockchain applications, and write smart contracts in minutes with Blockchain as a Service.

Business Flexibility Through Blockchain

Originally developed within The Walt Disney Company in 2014 and then open-sourced in 2016, Dragonchain’s platform was specifically designed with enterprises in mind.

Dragonchain’s public/private hybrid blockchain platform combines high performance and ease of use. Allowing enterprises to build and deploy blockchain applications, and smart contracts, in a matter of minutes. Multi-cloud, on-premise, and containerized. Our Blockchain as a Service gives businesses flexibility. Leverage Interchain, which enables interoperability with other blockchains, alongside Dragonchain. Create scalable blockchain applications on your terms.

Ready for Blockchain within an Hour

Developer-friendly, intuitive, fast. Write in any coding language.

Traditional blockchains are difficult to understand. We can introduce your team of developers to blockchain within one hour, even if they have never written a smart contract before. Dragonchain makes it easy to create transactions with value or data, and build blockchain solutions, all in collaboration with your existing IT infrastructure.

A Dragonchain is your own scalable blockchain, with selective public and interoperability functions that can be GDPR compatible. Connect blockchains in all environments; Multi-cloud and on-premise. Start today and experience how simple blockchain can be.

Access To Blockchain Innovations

August 1, 2019 marks a new era for Dragonchain and it’s blockchain platform. We’ve released the core blockchain platform under an open source license. With this release, the Dragon company will be able to drive adoption among enterprises and developers, looking to build their own blockchain based applications.

The open source code gives both enterprises and developers access to blockchain innovations. Along with the resources to continue innovating with us. Dragonchain believes this is a necessary step to further drive adoption and understanding of blockchain technology around the world.

Deploy Blockchain Applications Faster

Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) is quickly becoming the preferred business model for providers and customers alike. It significantly reduces the costs, risks, and time to market for testing, and launching blockchain applications. Dragonchain helps enterprises build solutions quickly on a secure, scalable, and business-ready blockchain platform. Improve productivity and free up development resources. Build applications and containerized smart contracts without having to worry about consensus, security, or scalability. As a BaaS provider, Dragonchain allows you to focus on your business, providing savings, efficiencies, and distributed ledger expertise.

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