Healthcare Solutions for Data Protection and Integrity

Never before has the business of healthcare been as extensive as it is now. Small facilities are joining to create larger systems, supplies are traveling further distances, and medical technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Vast amounts of data are ripe for internal and external attacks and sensitive data is at risk. Dragonchain offers flexible and scalable blockchain solutions to address these healthcare challenges.

Security and Ransomware Protection

Dragonchain uses a combination of data segregation, data mirroring, and embedded quantum encryption to mitigate the risks of sensitive information being exposed today and in the future. Our architectural approach to security and data protection allows healthcare facilities and providers to remain GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA compliant.

Our ransomware protection product uses a blockchain-based disaster recovery system to automate data integrity verification. This allows a customizable approach to let the business know that their data is safe even if an attacker compromises it or requests a ransom to return or decrypt stolen system data.

We offer a comprehensive system to identify and protect against insider threats such as sabotage, fraud, intellectual property theft, espionage, and other externally sourced manipulation of behavior.

We use behavior systems to ensure patients are incentivized to use personal health devices and services to give insurers better data quality and insights to create better Health and Wellness recommendations and outcomes in a provably ethical manner.

Interoperability and Selective Transparency

With Dragonchain’s patented interoperability technology, healthcare systems can connect all of the disparate systems from smaller facilities and providers. Data from IoMT devices, medical records systems, and at-home devices, as well as those of suppliers and insurers, can be combined to ensure comprehensive health information.

Unique to Dragonchain is selective transparency wherein private and proprietary data remains private and only the proof of the data goes for decentralized verification. That proof is secured to multiple blockchains for measurable security in the billions of dollars within a few months. This architectural design allows for any interested party (i.e providers, insurers, patients, etc) to have controlled access to selected information.

Supply Chain Optimization

Dragonchain offers better data integrity for complexity science and complete line-of-sight into the entire healthcare supply chain. We offer provable tracking of inventory and usage metrics to more accurately maintain par levels and predict future outcomes. Flexible smart contracts can automate any step along the supply chain such as the ordering and use of supplies. On-chain data can provide detailed information on the source of supplies, where those supplies have been, and individuals who may have interacted with those supplies. This leads to faster recall times and provable chain-of-custody to mitigate risks to the healthcare provider and patient.

Research and Development

We offer solutions for clinical research and development including clinical trial bookkeeping, managing access to trial data, proof of study replication, and IP & patent protection. Researchers can add, change, or delete any step in a process and prove that nothing has been altered throughout except the part that is intended with our Smart Contract Orchestration system.

Comprehensive Climate Systems

A medical facility can track, record, and account for their carbon footprint responsibly as Dragonchain operates in a carbon neutral facility and our verification nodes have the lowest energy consumption of any other blockchain company in the space.

We offer healthcare organizations increased return on investment through greater connectivity, full line-of-sight transparency, better data integrity, and risk mitigation. Contact us today to learn more!

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Healthcare Solutions for Data Protection and Integrity