Dragonchain 2021 Quarterly Report

Hello Dragon Family! The team has been hard at work developing new features and products, increasing our strategic positioning, and strengthening our partnerships throughout the industry. Let's look back at some of the notable accomplishments from Q2 2021.

Doing our Part for the Environment

Dragonchain releases Energy, Efficiency, and Sustainability Report

energy report

At current transaction volume, every transaction verified on Dragon Net consumes approximately 0.00002 KW (0.02 W) of energy.

Businesses wanting to leverage the security of Bitcoin and Ethereum can now do so responsibly.

Learn more: Dragonchain Network Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Report

New Partner

Dragonchain to offer Secure Blockchain Solutions to Government Agencies


Dragonchain joins veteran security services provider Security Solutions Technology, to offer the United States Government blockchain technology products with polymorphic encryption.

Learn more: Dragonchain to offer Secure Blockchain Solutions to Government Agencies

Renewing old Favorites

World Blockchain Round Table


Dragonchain breathes new life into the Seattle blockchain meetup with The World Blockchain Round Table. The weekly show includes 6-10 hosts who discuss the latest news and events surrounding blockchain technology. This new venture is for all blockchain enthusiasts and not just the Dragonchain family.

Subscribe to the WBRT Lair to post your topics and questions each week. If you are picked you will receive WBRT LOT.

Watch every Thursday at 11 AM Eastern: Dragonchain Youtube Channel

If interested in being a host email info@dragonchain.com

Strengthening Alliances

Global Leader's Webinar Series

joe sandra

Joe sits with the GBBC and Sandra Ro to discuss how Dragonchain got here and what we are working on now.

Watch now: GBBC & GDF Global Leaders Series with Joe Roets, CEO of Dragonchain

GBBC Members' Forum

Joe Phil and Trey sit in for the members' forum with a presentation on building quantum-safe blockchains, Enterprise NFTs, and the new era of smart contracts.

Watch now: GBBC Virtual Members' Forum with Dragonchain

New Commercial

Digital Fortress Dragonchain Commercial airs on network TV including Fox Business, CNBC, and Squawk Box.

digital fortress

Watch the commercial: Digital Fortress - Dragonchain Commercial



We continued to make improvements to Den UI, Den Mobile, and via a governance vote modified the algorithm to counter consensus attacks.

We had 18 New Lairs created since our last newsletter. Through the governance process we reduced the number of Lairs created in June to be more in line with growth metrics.

LCP proposal phase starts the first Tuesday of the month, lasting one week. Voting starts the second Tuesday of the month also lasting one week with the winners announced on the third Tuesday of the month.

See the current LCP: July 2021 LCP


april lcp

Humor - NFT Art - Amazing Views - History - Movies and TV Shows - Trading Lounge - Sports Betting


may lcp

Middle Earth - Psychedelic Science - Music Producers Kits - Instrumentals - Random - Node Runner - Economy and Finance - Travel and Photography - Denlog - Smart Contracts


june lcp


Super Happy Dragon Lucky

We celebrated the 100th episode of Super Happy Dragon Lucky with trivia and merch giveaways!

Watch now: 100th Episode Celebration | SHDL 0x63


Dragonchain has, by far, the most consistent updates in the biz!

Watch every Tuesday at 11 AM Eastern: Dragonchain Youtube Channel


Joe and Phil give presentations for the Miami Dade College Blockchain Sessions and Trey Rutledge visits in person to network with the participants.


Voting Integrity

Smart Ballots 

smart ballots

Dragonchain has entered into a new venture to solve the many issues found in today's election systems. Smart Ballots will completely revolutionize local, state, and federal elections. The people demand and deserve transparency, security, proof, and auditability. Smart Ballots is here to do just that.

Learn more: Dragonchain Creates New Venture To Put Elections On Blockchain Via Smart Ballots

Recent Blogs

Blockchain-Based Accounting and Crediting of Greenhouse Gases for Sustainability

carbon tracking

With the platform, any organization can record emissions and ensure a reliable and safe issuance and tracking system for carbon credits with our advanced scalability features without costly added infrastructure.

Learn more: Blockchain-Based Accounting and Crediting of Greenhouse Gases for Sustainability

Incentivizing Behavior and Loyalty with Dragonchain


Businesses can use incentives to modify the behaviors of their partners and employees as well as identify areas of improvement for a more efficient workflow process. Dragonchain has the tools to build a cohesive program for inter-department efficiency and cross-business partnerships to create a strong relationship between partners.

Learn more: Incentivizing Behavior and Loyalty with Dragonchain

A Blockchain Solution to Advertising in Social Media


Take a fresh look at the business of advertising with smart contracts, real-time engagement data, fraud mitigation and regulatory proof for more efficiency and creativity.

Learn more: A Blockchain Solution to Advertising in Social Media

New Merchandise

It's time for some new threads! We have been organizing and adding new items. Head over to the store to see what's new!


Buy Now: Dragonchain Store: Official Dragonchain Merchandise

In Closing..

Shoutout to the incredible Dragonchain and Den team and community. Thanks for a great Q2 and we look forward to what exciting possibilities await for Q3!