Dragonchain 2023 Quarterly Report

Over the last three months, we have seen continued uncertainties in geopolitics, the economy, and many industries. Dragonchain built a platform for use in any of these areas to build solutions to today’s biggest challenges. With an emphasis on historical proof, our platform was specifically built to be scalable and interoperable with any system to ensure data integrity. Let’s take a look at what we’ve been up to so far this year.

Update on SEC Complaint

The case continues to slowly move through the court system. We will communicate any updates as we have them. Please visit our Legal Defense Fund website to donate to the cause.

Dragonchain case updates and legal defense fund

Please continue to be an advocate for blockchain and the crypto-community. If you are in the US, reach out to your representatives with the form found here as well as Crypto-Law’s Connect to Congress automated form.

If you have any ideas or suggestions that would be helpful in our case please feel free to reach out.

ICYMI: Read our response from May 2022 here!

Dragonchain Core Development

We are happy to report that the migration has been completed! Thank you for your patience during the transition.

In other news, we implemented a new authentication system for both Dragonchain and Den.social. This change has been two years in the making and will allow us to implement Factor which uses public key based authentication necessary for web3.

New Blogs

Web3 Business Solutions

Web3 1

Web3 represents a significant shift in the way we interact with the Internet by adding decentralized payment and decentralized identity. Web3 creates a more powerful and transparent Internet for all users. Let’s examine the Web3 solutions that Dragonchain offers businesses that can implement today.

Read the full blog here!

Five Tools to Integrate Blockchain and AI for a Web3 Future

Blockchain AI 1

Businesses should be excited about emerging AI technology. AI promises to offer businesses the ability to analyze and organize data quickly, with great accuracy, resulting in a significant increase in efficiency and ROI. But it’s not infallible. Beyond transparency, to truly make AI work for them, businesses should include humans to optimize AI systems to better meet the goals of the business.

Dragonchain offers businesses comprehensive AI solutions that offer better data integrity and proof through interoperability, scalability, security, transparency, and behavior.

Read the full blog here!

Comprehensive Data Integrity with Smart Contract Gated Data Access

scgda 1

Dragonchain offers businesses smart contract based decryption and access capabilities. SC-GDA requires users to access all data (CRUD) through the use of smart contracts. Every access event is on-chain and includes full authentication and authorization capabilities. Access controls are flexible and can be either key based or use a traditional authentication process. These smart contracts can stipulate who is allowed to access the data, what criteria they must meet, if any, and what operations are allowed to them.

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Capability Briefs

Comprehensive Blockchain Scalability

Scalability 1

Dragonchain offers comprehensive scalability that goes well beyond transaction speeds. Our platform offers a blockchain network of independent blockchains that are infinitely scalable for transaction verifications, fees, and deployment.

Read about Blockchain Scalability here!

Advanced Identity

ID 1

Dragonchain's Advanced Identity System offers an innovative solution to address the risks associated with data breaches that simultaneously reduces the liabilities for businesses and gives individuals greater control over their personal data. Our user-friendly interface creates an easy-to-use identity management system that can be implemented in any business.

Read about Advanced Identity here!

Super Happy Dragon Lucky


Thank you to every Dragon Knight and Denizen who has joined us for 191 episodes of Super Happy Dragon Lucky! Every week Joe gives updates on Dragonchain and Den.social and answers questions from the community in our weekly AMA. Tune in every Tuesday!

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Cointelegraph Innovation Circle


What are some ways crypto companies can be more transparent with customers?

Expose select data on the chain

Use blockchain technology directly to prove operational data. The fact that data can be selectively exposed on the chain is a unique benefit of the technology, which should be used for this purpose. – Joe Roets, Dragonchain

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Community Call

DENDAO continues to invite every Denizen to participate in the weekly DENDAO Governance Call. Join them every Wednesday at 3pm EDT / 7pm UTC!

See all the votes DENDAO had this quarter!

Lair Creation Process

The Lair Creation Process (LCP) is an opportunity for the community to propose and commit LOR on the communities they want to see in Den. Winning Lairs will see their committed LOR used to create NFT-based LOT. Every LOT comes with ownership in the Lair, passive income via a portion of all MTR mined in the Lair, governance access, and of course free edits in the Lair. The LCP takes place every month. Den has 150 Lairs and has created over 220 million LOT, all on Dragonchain.

January 2023 LCP

Jan lcp

The January 2023 LCP winners are …

  • The #1 in Unique Voters with 3.9M LOR committed and 46 Unique voters: Star Wars! Alxans proposed the Lair in November of 2021!
  • The #8 in LOR Committed with 842.1K LOR committed and 33 Unique voters: Selfie! DRAGONLITE XX proposed the Lair in March of 2021!
  • The #21 in LOR Committed with 498.3K LOR committed and 30 Unique voters: Quotes! alaxaa proposed the Lair in December of 2021!
  • This month Digital Nomad was created through the runners up option!

February 2023 LCP

february lcp

The February 2023 LCP winners are…

  • The #1 in Unique Voters with 3.3M LOR committed and 63 Unique voters: Marketplace! CryptoCurious proposed the Lair in April of 2021!
  • The #8 in LOR Committed with 717.4K LOR committed and 32 Unique voters: Aliens! Kushcoins proposed the Lair in October of 2021!
  • The #21 in LOR Committed with 453.1K LOR committed and 34 Unique voters: Posted! JoshO proposed the Lair in May of 2022!

This month we had 4 Lair created through the runners up and alternative options!

March 2023 LCP

march lcp

The March 2023 LCP winners are…

  • The #1 in Unique Voters with 2.61M LOR committed and 40 Unique voters: Military Equipment! vujmilo proposed the Lair in April of 2022!
  • The #8 in LOR Committed with 1.1M LOR committed and 23 Unique voters: Change my view! Greg Lang ⁜ megatexas.eth ᵍᵐ proposed the Lair in September of 2022!
  • The #21 in LOR Committed with 521.7K LOR committed and 8 Unique voters: Umbrella Promise Movement! Iam4iam proposed the Lair in March of 2023!

World Blockchain Round Table


We had some great conversations this quarter and the WBRT DAO community did a great job getting the word out! WBRT DAO created over 109,000 LOT and 88 different WBRT Lair owners! All LOT created is based on the number of views the show gets in the first week of airing. The more you share the episode the more LOT gets created. It’s the first DAO controlled comment show!


We continued the use of Lair Governance to make decisions pertaining to WBRT.

Theme Selections

Through a process of theme suggestions and voting the following themes were determined by the WBRT community:


  • New Year's Blockchain Resolution
  • Blockchain-based Parallel Systems
  • Blockchain in Space
  • MegaTexas.ETH


  • Weaponizing Blockchains to Fight Against Tyranny
  • Censorship Resistant Decentralized Cloud Computing Using Blockchain
  • Pros and Cons of State Governments Leveraging Blockchain
  • The Role of Oracles


  • The Umbrella Promise Whitepaper
  • What would your blockchain Game Show look like?
  • Blockchain for Restaurants
  • Fighting fraud in the cryptocurrency industry
  • Using Blockchain to Help the Climate / Planet

Show Parameters

Other WBRT DAO votes include:

  • Open up more spaces for fresh theme suggestions in the monthly GI. - Approved
  • Switch weeks between two themes and replace current events for an episode. - Approved
  • Make Jon the permanent MC for WBRT. - Approved
  • New format! One hour show followed by Twitter spaces! - Approved

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Coffee with Den


No subject is off the coffee table! Gaming, road trips, metrics, and comedy are just some of what is being discussed every week! Tune in every Wednesday at 9am EDT as the guys talk all things Den and then some!

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We were finally able to add an embroidered Jojo! Get yours today!

Thank you for a great quarter! Be sure to follow us on Den in either the Dragonchain or Den Lairs for real-time updates. If you have anything you want to see built, reach out! We are always open to new ideas!