Strategic Projects Bounty

The Strategic Projects Bounty program challenges developers and teams to build predefined projects, set by Dragonchain’s leadership. Each strategic project has its own set of guidelines, expectations, rewards, and time frame as outlined in the project specific documentation.

The strategic bounty program is an ongoing program, and we’ll continue to post details for new projects as they arise. In some instances there may be multiple teams (a team being 1+ contributors working together) earning a reward, in others there may only be one. On occasion we will post a highlighted project, which has priority for the Dragonchain team. These projects will likely result in a higher bounty earned than other projects of similar difficulty and time investment.

Flutter App

Ongoing project and allows for multiple winners. Create a Flutter mobile app using Dragonchain as a blockchain platform.

Flutter is Google’s mobile app SDK for crafting high-quality native experiences on iOS and Android in record time. Flutter works with existing code, is used by developers and organizations around the world, and is free and open source. This project is open for development.

Value in Dragons - $3,750

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Git + GitLab + Github

Source Code Control

Project for creation of a Dragonchain-backed Github replacement system for decentralized software source code control. This project should integrate open source Git and Gitlab into Dragonchain with optional integration of Github via webhooks. This project is open for development.

Value in Dragons - $5,000

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SQL Server | MongoDB | Cassandra | Hadoop

Stored Procedure Contracts

Create Dragonchain watcher/publisher smart contracts such that an occurrence on a Dragonchain L1 triggers a change on a PostgreSQL database, and visa versa.

Integration of stored procedures into Dragonchain as smart contracts.

Up-to Dragon value - $17,450

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Decentralized Centralized Logging

Create an extension or integration into the Linux/UNIX centralized logging system syslog-ng. Will allow configuration of criteria for logs to be forwarded to a Dragonchain business node (L1) for capture/ledgering of decentralized proof through Dragon Net into Level 5 (public) networks. Will also allow customization at the business node for other activity based upon smart contracts. Will bypass syslog-ng server requirement, allowing L1 node to perform same functions in decentralized manner.

This project is open for development. No due date, first to complete earns reward.

Value in Dragons - $2,500

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Hardware Integrations

Run nodes on alternative architectures such as ARM for mobile and Raspberry Pi. Integrate sensors with an L1 node.

This project is open for development. No due date, first to complete each component earns respective reward.

Up-to Dragon value - $3,500

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