Enterprise Ready, Startup Friendly

Use your existing staff with no blockchain experience to code in any language and deploy to any cloud platform. From startup to enterprise, Dragonchain has proven scalability for your business.

Protection of business data at the core
Protection of business data is one of the primary reasons that Disney originally created Dragonchain. Every transaction is secured by billions of dollars in measurable proof with the combined security of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other Interchain networks.
Low, deterministic and stable fees
Our stable priced fee system allows a business to lock in a low transaction rate that will not change no matter how much traffic occurs on the network. Fees can be locked as low as twenty-five ten-millionths of a dollar ($0.0000025) per transaction.
Leverage the expertise of industry leaders within the blockchain space
The Dragonchain Consulting team is at the forefront of innovation and is here to help with product access, capabilities, methods, and tools across diverse industries and geographies.
Proof Systems by Dragonchain
Solutions Ready For Your Business
Dragonchain has business-ready applications and developer friendly integrations to better serve your business.
Anti-Fraud & Compliance
Fintech suite to prove regulatory compliance and data records. Provide selective transparency to your customers, regulators, or any third party.
Decentralized Identity
Factor is a GDPR and CCPA capable identity management platform to increase security, reduce risk of customer PII storage, and simplify authentication.
Provably Fair Systems
Provide measurable and immutable proof that a contest, raffle, sweepstakes, or eSports tournament is fair to all participants.
Loyalty & Rewards
Tokenize your reward program with retention and loyalty incentive features for improved customer engagement.
Learning Management System
Lyceum provides traceable proof of course progress, completion, scoring, continuing education units, and certification.
Archival Proof Systems
Capture, sign, timestamp, and watermark documents for contract transparency with on chain proof.
Decentralized Social Media
Build a branded community to engage with your customers. Forums are completely under your control and incentivize your most loyal customers to manage your community.
Proof Systems
Any sort of chain of custody, beyond just evidence, has a whole new dimension with blockchain enabled Proof Systems.
Privacy & GDPR/CCPA Compliance
Provide proof to customers and regulators that your privacy policies are being followed and enforced.

"I had no idea the technology piece could allow us to go from absolutely nothing, to something that is being used in our store right now -- today; in 4 days."

Ryan Sanderson, Knowledge Perk CEO

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