TIME Recovery — A How-To

Official Dragonchain TIME Recovery Fee Address is:0x157b7e6C09204982d9FC7B307a3CF6D5F4885b3b

Since the release of TIME (once called Dragon Days of Slumber Score or DDSS), the Dragonchain community has expressed great enthusiasm about the incentives offered to Dragon holders.

The Dragonchain Team understands the importance of users being able to move Dragons from one wallet to another more secure wallet, without the risk of losing their current TIME.

To combat this issue, the team has come up with a solution — TIME Recovery.

TIME Recovery is a process by which the user can transfer their Dragons into a different wallet for a fee.

Here is how TIME Recovery works:

The user currently has all of their Dragons in Wallet A. However, they would like to transfer all of them to a more secure wallet, Wallet B.

1. First, the user transfers ALL of their Dragons into Wallet B. USERS MUST TRANSFER ALL OF THEIR DRAGONS FROM A TO B. Wallet A must be completely empty of Dragons in order for the system to recognize the transfer (it is ok if tokens other than Dragons are left in wallet A).

2. Once the user has moved ALL of their DRGNs from Wallet A to Wallet B, the user can now move the Recovery Fee of 20 DRGNs into Wallet A. The fee does NOT have to be from Wallet B (it could be from any other wallet), but the fee must be entered into Wallet A.

3. The user can now send the Recovery Fee of 20 DRGNs from Wallet A to Official Dragonchain TIME Recovery Fee Address. The Recovery Fee must be transferred from Wallet A in order to prove the user initiating the transfer is the original owner of Wallet A.

Important to Note:

  • Exchange Wallets do not accumulate TIME or receive recovered TIME
  • TIME Recovery only recovers the TIME from the original amount after ONE MOVE: The last move that brings your balance to 0. It is NOT cumulative.
  • If a user were to move their Dragons from Wallet A to Wallet B, then decide to spend some of their DRGNs in Wallet B, this action has changed the user’s TIME. If then, the user moves their DRGNs to Wallet C, the user CANNOT recover their original TIME from Wallet A, but they can recover their TIME from Wallet B.

The Dragonchain Team is very committed to keeping the platform user-friendly and ensuring Dragon Holders have the resources necessary to experience and enjoy using it. We will continue listening to the needs of the Dragonchain Community in order to improve all of our technical processes.