The Dragonchain Smart Contract Advantage


Dragonchain Smart Contracts are architecturally and structurally more secure because they are run on a hybrid platform where all data and business logic are completely protected from exposure. Businesses can also leverage quantum-safe encryption and signing in their smart contracts and data on Dragonchain.

Security and proof provided on Dragonchain are approximately 1 million times more powerful than Ethereum because our smart contracts leverage the combined power of Ethereum AND Bitcoin to secure every transaction and smart contract execution.

Scalable & Flexible

Our Smart Contracts are deployed as independently scalable instances in a cloud infrastructure.

Dragonchain pioneered Enterprise Smart Contract Orchestration technology to allow business process orchestration with smart contracts in a flexible and scalable way. Modeled after the same architectural pattern as the Internet itself, all input and output state is stored on-chain for full state tracking and management.


Dragonchain is the first and most interoperable blockchain (and holds the patent) and was built to allow businesses to leverage any traditional software system or other blockchain platform (e.g. Ethereum, Hyperledger).

Our cron smart contracts can act as self-oracles, having the ability to gather necessary data from any source, including traditional systems or other blockchains.

To get more functionality out of smart contracts, contact Dragonchain today.

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