Dragonchain's Q2 Roadmap & Monthly Developer Update

Dragonchain Developer Update June 2019

Moving forward, our monthly update will shift from a focus on the distant future to what is available today.  We will be sharing developer news, coming directly from our engineering team. The developer news will replace roadmap updates.  This will help us stay current with the latest news, updates, and stories for developers and focus on capabilities available.

We’ll also be sharing the transactions and node statistics every month.  To view our previous quarterly roadmap update, go here.

Update to the Dragonchain SDK

Your dragonchain exposes a restful interface to support day-to-day operations. Packaged in to the new open source SDKs (node, python, golang, shell), you can now access all endpoints to interact with your dragonchain(s) in consistent, secure, and impressively intuitive fashion. Start using Dragonchain as your enterprise blockchain platform.

Go to the Dragonchain GitHub

Dragonchain Release v 3.x

* Updated webclient to use node.js SDK

* Updated library contracts for new SDK versions

* Smart Contract callback feature. Get a HTTP callback when your contract is done.

* Updated chains to be keyed by Dragon Net public key, similar to public network addressing

* Move API Key Management OnChain

* Move Interchain transaction signing on-chain

TIME Rewards from Dragonchain

Based on EAP analysis and feedback, optimizations made to Dragon Net now permit new and exciting functionalities. Holders of Dragon tokens with TIME will be able to apply their own preferred amount of TIME to a specific node. The move to “Apply TIME” is a big deal for a number of reasons. It’s one way Dragonchain acknowledges our holders for their time spent slumbering their Dragons - Dragonchain’s patented Tokenized Micro-licenses. Applying TIME allows more flexibility for Dragon holders of a wider range of TIME to participate in Dragon Net (L1-L5), as best suits their varying circumstances and preferences. It also simplifies the upcoming “TIME Devotion” system designed for Dragonscale competitions, clarifying the calculation of how much TIME is available and how much a user wishes to devote at any given point. We’re excited, as this is a working example of using time as scarcity on a blockchain network, and a clear incentive or loyalty program for the community.

Better Together with Pooled Nodes

Pooled Nodes allow community members to collectively apply or pool their TIME, enabling them to participate in the Dragonchain validation network and access higher-level nodes even at lower TIME levels. Fees earned in a pool are proportional to the TIME a user applies to the pool.