Node Rewards Directly On Your Paycent Crypto Fiat Card

Following a community-led effort, Dragonchain’s patented tokenized micro-licenses, Dragons, are now available on Paycent and its worldwide services. Paycent allows users to leverage multiple currencies through their smartphone or physical Paycent card across 200 countries and 36 million merchants. Dragon token holders will be able to use them alongside BNB, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, and Bitcoin.

The Dragonchain Community and Paycent

Making Dragonchain available on Paycent has brought new utility to our platform. The integration with Paycent is an example of the Dragonchain community building relationships around the world. As a US-based blockchain company, we have legal guidance that does not allow us to solicit exchanges. While Dragonchain cannot solicit exchanges, we support the community’s effort by offering technical support, while ensuring that anyone can tap into the Dragonchain ecosystem.

Paycent, Node Rewards and TIME

As we near the end of Dragonchain’s Early Access Program (EAP) and open the ability for node rewards to be withdrawn, Dragonchain will enable Dragon tokens to link directly to a user’s Paycent account. Paycent allows users to send or receive digital assets, request digital assets, or convert digital assets to fiat for withdrawal or spending in stores. Dragonchain users will be able to seamlessly link their Paycent card’s unique Ethereum address, allowing them to still earn TIME for Dragons tokens stored on their app.

At Dragonchain we always work with the community in mind. Our redesigned platform will provide community members more flexibility and cement Dragonchain as the industry leader for Blockchain as a Service (BaaS).

The Greatest Community

We believe that the Dragonchain ecosystem will continue to expand through community-driven efforts. From the beginning, Dragonchain adopted the ERC-20 standard for its token in order to allow the community to leverage the large existing ecosystem surrounding it (e.g. hardware wallets, software, block explorers, etc.). The quick and simple integration with Paycent demonstrates the value of leveraging existing standards and why Dragons will remain on the Ethereum network while serving as the tokenized micro-licenses for the Dragonchain platform.

Whether you build on the platform, through posting tweets on Eternal, or simply holding Dragons, we appreciate your contributions to the Dragonchain community. The Dragonchain team continues to focus on developing additional features, products, and solutions for individual developers, blockchain enthusiasts and enterprise clients around the world. Our goal is to let everyone experience the ease of use and high performance of our blockchain platform, and having a great community supporting us is a big part of what keeps us driven. We aim to transform the world through blockchain, together with you and anyone building with us.

Unprecedented Flexibility with Blockchain

Dragonchain was developed with flexibility in mind. That is why we chose to make Dragon an ERC20 token, for ease of adoption, even though the Dragonchain platform is completely currency agnostic.

Dragonchain is a blockchain platform, designed from scratch and tested in real enterprise environments. It was not built on top of any other blockchain platform like Ethereum or Bitcoin. All applications build on top of Dragonchain and nodes run by the community, are its own independent heterogeneous blockchain.

As always, we recommend you take the time to learn more about our public/private hybrid blockchain platform. You can find our architecture document here, explore the features of our blockchain platform, or head over to the Dragonchain Academy. If you are ready to start today, create your free account. Try out our Developer plan and start developing your own blockchain applications today.