Measurable Proof

Dragonchain’s patented hybrid architecture lays the foundation for our measurable proof capabilities.

Hybrid Architecture for Data Control

Dragonchain’s hybrid architecture allows businesses to capture and control all their data. Business data is secured to the business’s own Level 1 Business Blockchain and only the proof of the data from the business’s blockchain is sent for decentralized verification. This removes the risk of data exposure associated with decentralized blockchain platforms and allows the business to maintain control of private and proprietary data.

Decentralized Verification

Every business transaction is sent through four additional levels of verification and validation. From the business’s Level 1 Business Blockchain, the transaction is sent to three decentralized Level 2 Verification nodes. These nodes ensure that the transaction is valid. Once verified, the transaction is validated by a Level 3 Validation node, which checks that the Level 2 verifications came from a diverse set of Level 2 nodes. From here, the transaction is then notarized by a known (KYC) Level 4 node that signs that the Level 3 validation is valid. Finally, the transaction is batched and its hash is secured to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance SmartChain and any other Interchain that is currently integrated.

Architectural Security

The hybrid architecture is the basis for our unmatched data protection. For a business transaction to be compromised a nefarious actor would need to breach the business’s Level 1 Business Blockchain, three Level 2 Verification nodes, the Level 3 Validation node, the Level 4 Notary Node, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance SmartChain.

Businesses can optionally leverage our quantum-safe signing capabilities or a quantum-safe protocol of their choice for additional data security.

Transaction Security Value

Dragonchain pioneered the Transaction Security Value (TSV). The TSV is a metric that uses the hash power of every connected chain combined with the cost of electricity used to create each block to indicate how much money one would have to spend to overtake the system to alter the transaction.

The TSV is visible on all proof reports and shows, in real time, how many dollars ($USD) of energy consumption has been used to secure a transaction from the moment the transaction is posted. The amount of measurable security immediately starts in the millions of dollars. As time increases the security value also increases as more and more Bitcoin and Ethereum blocks are added to their respective chains. This results in approximately $4 billion USD worth of immutable security and measurable proof every year.

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