Introducing NEO Interchain Capabilities for the Dragonchain Platform

A Huffington Post article published in January 2018 described the Dragonchain Platform as “a catalyst for dozens upon dozens of other disruptive blockchain platforms, making the tools easier and more accessible to developers and innovative minds.” This statement was true then, and is even more relevant now, with the introduction of our NEO Interchain capabilities. By leveraging the features and functionality of NEO, Dragonchain will be able to increase the potential of its Blockchain as a Service offerings and provide users with greater interoperability.

Ethereum and NEO have made major strides as blockchain ecosystems in recent months. This has increased the viability and ease-of-use for projects based on NEP-5 tokens and ERC20 tokens, respectively.

Our Ethereum and NEO Interchain capabilities, scheduled for June and August on Dragonchain’s 2018 project roadmap, will allow businesses to create Dragonchain blockchains and connect any combination of the private Dragonchain net, the Ethereum mainnet, and/or the NEO mainnet.

What is Interchain™?

Interchain is a series of smart contracts that give a blockchain of the user’s choice (i.e. Ethereum or NEO) the ability to monitor incoming transactions, and react by deploying smart contracts on Dragonchain or another public blockchain. Dragonchain’s Interchain capabilities are then able to move tokens or cryptocurrency between blockchains and selectively publish parts of a user’s business logic to a public blockchain.

In a recent interview, Biocrypt announced they will switch to utilize the NEO mainnet. We are excited for Biocrypt to use our Currency Library Smart Contract to switch over to an NEP-5 token and interchain with the NEO mainnet, all the while still utilizing Dragonchain as the foundation for its blockchain.

Our initial Interchain integration has already been tested as part of our project roadmap for May 2018, using real transactions on Dragonchain business logic, which were connected through Interchain to the Ethereum mainnet. We see no issues in achieving our goals of providing interoperability, scalability, and access to any mainnet and blockchain solution, present or future.

If you want to experiment with our NEO and Ethereum Interchain capabilities, try out our platform for free on Dragonchain Labs

Know a blockchain you think we should add to the Interchain network? Email support(@)dragonchain(DOT)com to let us know.