Dragonchain Joins the Government Blockchain Association

Dragonchain is delighted to have been accepted to the Government Blockchain Association (GBA). The inclusion of Dragonchain to the association aligns with the values of both organizations.

With a focus on government adoption of blockchain technology, the GBA hopes to bring people together to help solve the problems governments routinely encounter. Through education and collaboration the association bridges the gap between governments and industries with blockchain.

Dragonchain is ready to work with the GBA in hopes of bringing much needed transparency and cybersecurity solutions to government agencies. With our newly formed partnerships, such as Digital Fortress, we are more ready than ever to tackle the challenge.

“The GBA is excited to have Dragonchain join the largest and most influential government Blockchain association in the world. This relationship will greatly expand both of our resources and capabilities. We both add enormous value to each other.” - Gerard Dache, Executive Director, Government Blockchain Association.

We look forward to collaborating with the members, organizations, and individuals to foster adoption through interoperability and cybersecurity.

About Dragonchain

Dragonchain’s patented interoperability system, Interchain, removes the complexity involved when connecting an organization’s modern or legacy systems with blockchain technology, whether it is their supply chain, accounting, or IT systems.

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About GBA

The Government Blockchain Association strives to conduct and promote several professional advantages and opportunities for its members through networking, training, and educational events. Its ongoing mission is to educate members about new advancements within the blockchain technology field.

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