Fellowship of the Order of Dragons

The Fellowship of the Order of Dragons is Dragonchain's global ambassador program. It all started as a small private group with pilot testers on our platform, and has grown into this Fellowship. Dragonchain will start to grow the Fellowship and transition its pilot group here. The Order of Dragons is an exclusive membership giving members early access to projects, events, and chances to earn rewards. As soon as Dragon Den is ready, members will have access to the restricted Fellowship Lair on Dragon Den.  We will continue to build things out and include more benefits for the fellowship. We appreciate everyone's contributions and hard work in the pilot group, and would like to open up the group for more Fellows, starting today.


To join the Order of Dragons, new members must be personally invited by a current member to be considered. Their application then goes through the approval process by the Fellowship of The Order of Dragons board. Current Fellowship members will have the opportunity to refer three new members a year, and help grow this Fellowship. The Order of Dragons is a yearly membership subscription. Pilot users can either pay the subscription for their referrals, or have their referrals pay for it themselves. The yearly subscription costs are \$99.99* and these funds will be used to support and promote local meetups organized by the Fellowship members.

With the new fellowship, everyone already there will be given an exclusive badge linked with a token to their Den account. This will demonstrate on Dragon Den that you are one of the earliest members. Moving forward, all new members of the Order of Dragons will also get a special badge, and be able to use it to access Fellowship benefits. These benefits will include potential access to the news embargo program and become a Fellow Creator (access to announcements before anyone else to enable you to produce higher quality content related to announcements), discounts to events and merchandise, early access to projects, and the right to host Dragonchain local meetups and presentations. Additional benefits will be added to the fellowship over time such as access to a floating desk at Dragonchain HQ in Bellevue or one of the other offices like Rock Hill and Netherlands.

Fellow Creators

The Order of Dragons will have an additional new reward model, based on contribution to or participation in the Fellow Creators group, which is separate from the Fellowship itself. Before you can apply to participate as a Fellow Creator, first you must be a member of the Fellowship.

We share upcoming events and news, where Fellow Creators are able to participate or prepare content in the form of tweets, blogs, videos, and other types of content. For these events, we want Fellow Creators to help us spread our news in a trustworthy way, to further reduce speculation and misunderstanding in our community. To participate, you must first have a membership to the Fellowship of the Order of Dragons.

All in all, we appreciate your dedication and we’re excited for you to join the Order of Dragons. We hope that this news is received well and that we continue moving onward and upwards with each and every one of you. We will be sending more details on this fellowship and information regarding events for you to participate in soon.

Many thanks for your patience and all the contributions,

The Dragonchain Team

Fellowship of the Order of Dragons

  • You need to receive an invitation from one of the existing members
  • Your yearly contribution of \$99.99 will support Fellows to organize local meetups with promotional materials and to support those giving presentations on behalf of Dragonchain
  • All fellows who wish to will get guidance on how to organize local Dragonchain meetups, or how to join existing ones in their area, and give presentations and demonstrations about Dragonchain from time to time if they so choose

Fellow Creators

  • Only eligible to join if already a member of the Fellowship
  • Gain access to news and announcements prior in order to prepare quality content

All other Dragonchain community members


  • Members will have exclusive early access to projects and their details, events, and chances to earn rewards for valuable feedback
  • Members will be provided exclusive access to the Fellowship Lair on Dragon Den when available
  • All Fellows will receive guidance and resources to organize local Dragonchain meetups, learn how to join and contribute to existing groups, and to give presentations and demonstrations about Dragonchain
  • Meet other like-minded people and visit amazing groups such as the RSA, across the globe
  • Fellows will have access to a floating desk at Dragonchain HQ in Bellevue
  • Grants issued to help turn solid ideas into reality
  • Additional benefits will be revealed inside the Fellowship over time

Fellow Creators

  • Gain access to news and announcements prior to public release, in order to prepare high-quality content for social channels
  • Information will be provided with a predefined and explicit trigger for release (e.g. either scheduled or after Dragonchain release)
  • Only eligible to join if already a member of the Fellowship and agreed to all terms of the program
  • Participation in the Fellow Creators program is subject to approval of Fellowship leadership based upon a member’s application and proposed contribution(s)
  • Creators supply passion-driven content to encourage education and awareness on Dragonchain with the world. It also allows the community to develop their own presence/branding, whilst helping us communicate important information
  • Other terms apply

Membership and Registration

  • Candidates for membership must receive an invitation from an existing member
  • Your yearly contribution of \$99.99* will support Fellows in organizing local meetups with promotional materials, and support those giving presentations on behalf of Dragonchain
  • Founding members will receive 3 invites usable in 2019, after this it will be limited to 1 invite per year per member, subject to change for optimization/gamification/incentivization purposes in the future
  • New Fellowship members will receive permission to 1 invite per year, after a minimum period of 6 months as participating members
  • Members are subject to ban for consistent failure to follow the community guidelines or for demonstrating behaviors unbecoming of a Dragon
  • The Fellowship reserves the right to remove any member from the group for any reason (paying members will be recompensed on a pro rate basis)

*Price is subject to change, Fellowship is open to new members now

A special message from the Dragonchain Team,

Good day wherever in the world you are. Some of you have been asking what the Fellowship of the Order of Dragons is about and how to get in.

Thanks to our devoted core Dragonchain community from around the globe hailing from Kansas, Philadelphia, San Jose, NYC, Nashville, Singapore, The Hague, London, Cardiff, Seoul to mention a few. Order of Dragons was inspired and evolved from this core group.

The objective of the Fellowship is to empower those who want to change the world with Blockchain to start doing so, wherever in the world they are.

As Blockchain gains widespread adoption and converges with mainstream tech we have an opportunity to create a new operating system for our world. Fellows will be the innovators, early adopters, and mavens within their communities.

Over the past two decades, we have witnessed software eating up the world. Blockchain is here to change the world, to build a better operating system for us all.

This is a movement. It is more than a movement, it’s a worldwide revolution, and it only takes mindshare. With knowledge, we can all start to change every aspect of our world. The change we are looking for is going to happen sooner than we can imagine.

The shift from the dependency of material to data. Blockchain will play a significant role in the evolution of its technology predecessors. It is an opportunity to level the playing field and give power back to the people. Everyone should own their own identity and data. The Fellowship will provide at its heart a think tank.

The brains trust will help us all find consensus on how to deploy and prioritize our most valuable asset, Time.

We will change access to the future. Take the recent IPOs such as Lyft, Uber, slack; it is the venture capitalist who has enjoyed the majority of wealth creation.

We now have the data and insight to empower each of us to get access to such transformational technology and not be the last to the party. What can you look forward to as an Order of Dragons Fellow?

  • Meet other like-minded people and visit amazing places and groups, across the globe
  • Grants to turn your solid ideas into reality
  • Provided with training to host local meetups around the world
  • Opportunities to help blitzscale products as they leave our lab and enter the real world
  • Fellows will get access to our cutting edge research and development before public release, and can help to design, architect and engineer solutions

Now that the telcos and tech giants have layered the foundation, its time for the great thinkers, innovators, visionaries, and social reformers to rebuild a more sustainable, equitable, and self-empowered world. We look forward to meeting, conversing, and taking action together. Wherever you are, you will find the right people in the right places to help you.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will endeavour to share stories of the great work Fellows are doing across the world to give power back to the people. We will also share the conversations as well as what it means to create a new operating system for our world.