Dragonchain Spins-off Decentralized Identity Solutions and Services

Dragonchain Spins-off Decentralized Identity Solutions and Services

Bellevue, WA., July 16, 2020 - Today Dragonchain announces the spin-off of Dragon Factor technology to a new entity, MyFii, to launch a new and improved decentralized identity solution called Factor™. The groundbreaking decentralized identity technology initially developed by Dragonchain has been operational for over 2 years and has seen recent customer adoption with healthcare, fintech, and social media.

In traditional systems user’s personal information is stored by centralized entities. Creating massive treasure troves of sensitive information, enticing bad actors and causing data breaches to become rampant. Some care so little about your data, they are willing to sell it to the highest bidder.

As enterprises continuously digitize their businesses, there is an increasing need for security and trust built around digital identities. Current identification systems are siloed and enterprises face major challenges in managing Personal Identifiable Information (PII) in an increasingly regulated environment (eg. GDPR/CCPA). Factor is privacy focused, GDPR/CCPA capable, and built for ease of use.

Factor allows anyone to own and manage their personal data. A user’s identity is verified and broken down into Factors that are individually verifiable without exposing unnecessary information. A factor can be an atomic piece of identity information at any level of granularity. For example your birth date and your home address, are forms of explicit factors, whereas your home state or the fact that you are over 21 are derived factors. This protects user identity and reduces risk for business.

A variety of companies already integrated, or are currently integrating Factor into their companies. This includes products and services in healthcare, fintech, and social media. SafePass, by Medek Health Systems, is already helping Americans to safely get back to work from quarantine. SafePass uses Factor to enable individuals to stay in control over their own health data. This is done in line with the FDA guidance on Digital Health Policies and Public Health Solutions for COVID-19, in a GDPR and HIPAA compliant manner.

“Our SafePass app requires the highest level of privacy while also balancing public health. Factor gives our users control of their data, providing proof to both them and SafePass. Without Factor we couldn’t offer the privacy our users desire”

- Jan Lubeck, Lead Developer for Medek Health Systems LLC

Meet MyFii

With this corporate spin-off, Factor is able to offer data ownership & data management services and solutions to individuals, developers, companies, organizations, universities, governments, and nonprofits within the current regulatory frameworks. The MyFii entity is a logical step for enterprise offerings. MyFii will allow enterprises to handle KYC requirements, without the business having to hold personally identifiable information (PII).

About Dragonchain™

Dragonchain simplifies the secure integration of real business applications and data on a blockchain. The blockchain platform provides features such as protection of business data and operations, multi-currency support, and fast RESTful API integrations with any blockchain or legacy system. The company provides a full open source ecosystem to enable the creation of successful and scalable blockchain projects for enterprises with long-term value. Dragonchain was originally developed at Disney’s Seattle office as the Disney Private Blockchain Platform in 2014.

Learn More: http://dragonchain.com/business/factor