Energy Use and Tracking with Dragonchain

Using Blockchain Technology in an Efficient and Responsible Way

Today, business leaders across every industry are faced with the challenge of reducing, tracking, and accounting for energy expenditures to foster a more sustainable environment. To meet these challenges Dragonchain offers fast and secure deployment of blockchain-powered solutions interoperable with any external blockchain, legacy system, application, or IoT device or sensor. We designed the platform to be independently scalable as well as sustainable for any entity, business, or organization. Our solutions can be hosted in any cloud or on-premises environment for complete flexibility.

Any organization can record emissions and ensure a reliable and safe issuance and tracking system for carbon credits with our advanced scalability features without costly added infrastructure. Written in any coding language, our smart contracts are interoperable with advanced technologies (AI/ML) and can transfer, automate, or verify any type of value and/or information.

Businesses have the flexibility to tokenize carbon credits for blockchain-based tracking or include Enterprise NFTs for access control of credits and offsets. Organizations can also implement a rewards program to motivate employees, partners, and customers to reduce their carbon footprint.

Dragonchain itself is very energy efficient. Not only is our platform infrastructure (including managed nodes), by default, hosted in carbon-neutral facilities, but our verification platform, Dragon Net, operates at just 0.02 Watts of energy per transaction. More powerful than this minute amount of energy is the security it affords businesses. Unique to Dragonchain is the creation of measurable proof called the transaction security value (TSV). Every individual business transaction is secured by approximately $4 billion USD worth of network energy per year while using only 0.02 W per transaction. Businesses can now use blockchain technology in an efficient and responsible way.

Created at Disney in 2014, our primary focus has always been to solve real-world business problems at Enterprise scale. Our flexible solutions are efficient, scalable, and sustainable so that any system can record, track, and verify climate-related data to prove climate related data with very low energy consumption.

Learn more about how Dragonchain can help your business prove carbon emissions in Blockchain-Based Accounting and Crediting of Greenhouse Gasses for Sustainability and how you can use blockchain technology in an energy-efficient and responsible way in Dragonchain Network Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Report.

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