Dragonchain, Vision Tree & Coiin Team up to Produce Blockchain Documentary Series

Los Angeles, CA - October 3, 2019 - Vision Tree announced today a documentary series featuring the story of blockchain company Dragonchain, originally developed inside Disney, and the evolution of the cryptocurrency industry in the United States. The series will be released in early 2020 and will utilize the Coiin platform to tokenize engagement for the Dragonchain community.

The documentary series features the never seen before story of Dragonchain, a US-based blockchain technology company that launched in 2017 and led a successful \$15 million token sale during the height of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) boom. The series is being executive produced by Benjamin Gerry and J.D. Seraphine of Vision Tree.

Dragonchain was built to solve complex problems with innovative solutions for any developer and any business. We make it accessible and easy to use cutting edge blockchain technology. The partnership with Vision Tree and Coiin present a perfect opportunity to bring our platform and ecosystem further and drive community engagement.

Joe Roets, Founder and CEO of Dragonchain

There is a massive untold story about the challenges of being a cryptocurrency company operating in the US and it is time everyone learns what’s at stake - the country who leads the development of blockchain technology will have tremendous influence in shaping the future of the planet.

J.D. Seraphine, Founder of Vision Tree

Vision Tree also recently announced plans to tokenize one of its major film projects, the Atari Movie, in partnership with tZero and is on the forefront of utilizing blockchain technology in the media and entertainment sector.

In connection with the Atari Movie, the team developed a mobile engagement platform called Coiin, where the community can earn tokens by promoting specific projects on social media that may be redeemed for ownership in a variety of projects including the Atari Movie and the documentary series featuring Dragonchain.

About Dragonchain

Dragonchain is a U.S.-based technology leader, offering Blockchain as a Service with security and scalability at the forefront of its operations. Dragonchain is an open sourced public/private hybrid blockchain platform combines high performance and comprehensive ease of use, allowing any developer or enterprise to build and deploy a blockchain solution in minutes. As a service provider, Dragonchain empowers developers and businesses with an enterprise-grade blockchain solution. For more information on Dragonchain, please visit: https://dragonchain.com/

About Vision Tree

Vision Tree strives to create maximum positive impact and a paradigm shift in the world through Media and Technology. The company has developed and is financing a slate of creatively dynamic and commercially viable theatrical film properties that have the potential to garner awards and breakout at the box office. In television, Vision Tree is working with partners to build an Unwired Network of Worldwide Distribution that combines major traditional Network Broadcast companies with short and long form Digital Platform Distribution. In technology, Vision Tree is well positioned to be amongst the early leaders in applying Blockchain Technology to Media projects and has strategic investments in new proprietary systems that will revolutionize the entertainment industry. The company is committed overall to the core mission to awaken, inspire, and transform humanity through Social Action Entertainment. For more information on Vision Tree, please visit: https://visiontree.co/

About Coiin

Coiin is a digital engagement platform that rewards users for engaging and promoting on Social Media. Through Coiin the value that the user creates with their shared social media experience is transformed into tokenized ownership in projects on the platform. With a user friendly mobile app, Coiin users post curated content to existing social media channels and communities earning Coiin that is used for a variety of offers including the investment into select projects and companies on the platform. For more information on Coiin, please visit: https://coiin.io

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