Dragonchain 2021 Quarterly Report

It’s hard to believe the fourth quarter has come and gone. The focus this quarter was on real solutions to the challenges that businesses face. While the sales team continues to make progress, in this report we are going to take a look at some end of year metrics to see how we have grown. But first…

New Blogs!

Answering the Global CBDC Challenge - Dragonchain


We believe our hybrid approach to digital currencies is one that provides the balance of centralization and decentralization necessary to address the significant challenges that await the creation and implementation of CBDCs across the globe.

Read our CBDC whitepaper in Answering the Global CBDC Challenge

Blockchain-Based Solutions for Advertising Analytics


Dragonchain uses smart contracts to track ads allowing businesses to only pay for real-time verified impressions which can save the business from spending ad dollars on empty or fraudulent clicks. It's the data that comes from authentic verified impressions that have far-reaching implications in analytics. Knowing what ads are actually resonating with consumers and which aren’t will allow businesses to fine-tune their campaigns.

Behavior-Based Advertising as a Service


Dragonchain’s behavior-based advertising model arranges specific behaviors in a way that incentivizes advertisers to create better ads that not only perform better with consumers but actually cost less with a return of a portion of their advertising budget for high-performing ads. The model further incentivizes consumers to view and engage with ad content beyond just the click, giving them the ability to view the content they actually want to see.

Blockchain Solutions for Tracking and Reporting Climate Data


Marketplaces can be used to incentivize business partners to accurately report climate-related data and to reduce their own carbon footprint. These marketplaces can even be used by residential or small property owners to tag their trees and offer them up as carbon offsets. The marketplace could help incentivize regular property owners to maintain and care for the trees on their property.

Around Dragonchain

Work in Progress

Dragonchain continues to build and strengthen various projects and services. The team is actively working on the NFT platform as well as Smart Ballot and Eternal.

Dragonscale Global


Dragonscale gets wings! The original Dragonchain vision of a market based accelerator finds a new home with Dragonscale Global. The team at Dragonscale Global are excited to usher in 2022 by connecting industry leaders and start-up companies to help scale their businesses as they prepare for the global stage. Learn more!

Speaking Engagements

Joe and the GBA


Joe joined the Government Blockchain Association for a presentation on Advanced Blockchain Protocols. Watch the presentation here!

Phil and Wizbytes


Phil joined Wizbytes for their Global DeFi summit. Learn more here!

Trey and L-EAF


Blockchain is poised to change the face of education. Trey presented on The Future of Learning for L-EAF. Watch the presentation here!

Dragonchain tech in the news!


Global E&C's Technical Services Director, Paul Rushton presented at Topsides UK 2021. His company is using Dragonchain technology to explore ways for businesses to accurately track and account CO2 emissions as they work towards net zero. Watch the presentation here!

Happy Birthday!


On October 2nd, Dragonchain celebrated its 5th birthday! Disney open-sourced Dragonchain in 2016 with the primary objective to protect business data and solve the real-world issues that businesses face.

Dragonchain Year in Review

In 2021 the Dragonchain network processed over 3.5 Million blocks for over 245 Million transactions. The network paid 341,192 in DRGN fees. Our average total network energy consumption is holding steady at about 32 KW per day.

blocks txn fees

Since we started recording we have completed over 517 Million Interchain transactions.



October 2021 LCP


The winner was Throwbacks Lair! 61 unique voters committed more than 3.5 Million LOR to create more than 3.5 Million LOT!

November 2021 LCP


The winner was the Elon Musk Lair! With 82 unique voters and more than 9.5 Million LOR committed it was the highest in voters and LOR ever! Congratulations to CryptoCurious for proposing the Elon Musk Lair!

In the Runner’s up option Denizens Urdi/Hindi Lair was the 1st runner up with 51 unique voters and created over 700K LOT! Congratulations to Babar Rafique for proposing the Denizens Urdi/Hindi Lair!

December 2021 LCP


The winner was the Advice Lair! 67 unique voters committed more than 3.5 Million LOR which created more than 3.5 Million NFTs (LOT). Congratulations to YALLWEIRD for proposing the Advice Lair!

In the Runner’s up option Motorcycle Lair was 1st runner up with 49 unique voters and created 1.6 Million LOT. Garden & Flowers was the 3rd runner up with 26 unique voters and created 672.4K LOT. Congratulations to Alxans for the Motorcycle Lair and to Slaven1209 for the Garden & Flowers Lair!

Den.social Year in Review

Quality Content Matters

Our 5.6K Denizen’s are big spenders! Since late 2019 we have spent a total of 63.6 Million NRG on 640,355 interactions! den

All that activity mined 365,000 MTR this year with a total 710,000 MTR since inception.


2021 saw the roll out of an expanded behavior rewards pool. denreward Annual MTR paid for all pools.

We added the LOR Behavior Rewards (farming) pools. Denizens who held MTR, LOR, LOT, and DRGN in a claimed address received a total of 85,693,099 LOR.

See how we’ve grown!

We now have 95 Lairs, adding 53 new ones this year alone. To date we have created over 130 Million LOT!

We have 124 Lair proposals waiting to be created with over 9 Million LOR currently committed.

Added Features

2021 saw the auditions of several features such as Behavior rewards and UI improvements. But there were two standouts that cement Den.social as a truly unique social forum.


In the later half of the year Den introduced tipping. Originally envisioned to just include MTR tipping the team expanded tipping to include LOR and LOT as well. Adding LOT to tipping proved to be an exciting development. Denizens were now able to share LOT with each other to foster true community ownership. LOT tipping was just in time for the other important feature added this year, Lair Governance.

Lair Governance

The roll out of Lair Governance provides a way for all the Lair owners to propose and vote on matters that affect their respective communities. With the expanded numbers of Lair owners now more Denizens have a vote in their community.

The inclusion of Lair Governance sets the groundwork for any organizations or community to use Den as a central hub for discussion and voting, facilitating the beginning of Den's vision of Governance as a Service.

For 2022 Den.social will continue to roll out new features to give the community the best platform possible. And yes I am sure that means dark mode!

Weekly Shows!

This year we added more ways for the community to view content. Between Super Happy Dragon Lucky, the World Blockchain Round Table, Coffee with Den, and Den Governance Call we have over 195,000 views!

Super Happy Dragon Lucky


We added another 52 episodes to SHDL for a total of 126 episodes to date. This year we added AMA segments to every show where community questions are answered by Joe. Each participant received 1 LOT in the Dragonchain Lair.

World Blockchain Round Table


This year Dragonchain launched the World Blockchain Round Table. We were excited to bring a new model to the common weekly show where the community governs the format and content of the entire program. Individual community members' behavior dictates the weight of their vote in all decisions.

This year we completed 32 episodes and created 49,700 LOT based on the total number of views. That LOT was distributed to our hosts and the community who had their questions answered during the show. Thank you to all who participated. We are excited to see what 2022 has in store for the WBRT community!

Coffee with Den

Fellow Denizen, Dave (@dis7ant) started Coffee with Den. Dave takes a look at trending posts and gives tips on how the community can get the most out of their Den experience. Make sure to tune in every Wednesday morning!

Den Governance Call


With the roll out of Lair Governance we moved Den Governance Call to weekly. All Denizen’s who want to participate can tune in every Thursday and join in on the discussion.

Dragonchain will continue to focus on fostering relationships that facilitate growth for the company. We are excited to see what 2022 brings. Thank you for helping us build and promote the best blockchain platform on Earth.