Dragonchain 2022 Quarterly Report

Dragonchain 2022 Quarterly Report

The second half of 2022 is in full swing. This quarter we continued to make improvements to the platform and continued to communicate our capabilities to business, communities, and regulators.

Over on Den.social the team strengthened Den’s chat function, added 9 new Lairs, and conducted 5 DENDAO votes including what features to implement next.

Let’s get everyone caught up!

Update on SEC Complaint

A message from Joe

We are making progress. We have put in place our legal team and are very pleased with the plans. We have been going through the complaint that was filed to counter the many inaccurate points made in the document. We are confident in our position and are looking forward to finally putting an end to years of back and forth with the SEC.

Please continue to be an advocate for blockchain and the crypto-community. If you are in the US, reach out to your representatives with the form found here.

If you have any suggestions that would be helpful in our case please feel free to reach out.

As we said in our last quarterly report, we are confident that this will not affect ongoing business or any other project plans.

ICYMI: Read our response from May 2022 here!

Blockchain Outreach

The Sentinel Report with Alex Newman


Joe made his second appearance on the Sentinel Report with Alex Newman. It's always a great discussion. This episode focused on maintaining privacy with blockchain.

Watch the interview here!

Open Source Money

Open Source Money Graphic

After much anticipation Open Source Money finally made its way to the masses. Anyone with an Internet connection can watch for free on YouTube! The show chronicles events at Dragonchain as well as includes crypto personalities such as Perianne Boring, Brock Pierce, Charles Haskins, and more!

In celebration of the event the World Blockchain Round Table hosts held a watch party to discuss the show in real-time. If you missed it you can catch it here!

Watch Open Source Money here!

Quoted in Cointelegraph


Joe was quoted in a recent Cointelegraph Innovation Circle publication! Communicating what is possible with blockchain technology is of the utmost importance. Joe is honored to be included amongst a set of innovative leaders.

Start talking about the use cases of the technology

You should probably stop the “announcement marketing” patterns and learn about the real use cases of the projects you are marketing. It’s hard enough to understand the technology; what’s really needed across our industry is people who can communicate why the technology is needed and how it is different.

Read 10 industry leaders’ tips to help crypto marketers ‘level up’ here!

Dragonchain Core Development

Last quarter we made improvements to the core platform by addressing the efficiency and scaling of high volume business nodes (L1). The main updates are in place and the first deployment was the Den.social which has been running over 2.5 months. We will continue to run the new code base on more nodes soon and will deploy with new projects.

Additionally, we are in the process of winding down systems that are not in heavy use. You may see these changes reflected in the metrics.

New Blogs

Enterprise Interoperability with Dragonchain


Collaboration between interested parties and the ability to respond quickly to changing trends and needs will determine the success or failure of businesses in today’s economy. Dragonchain offers user-friendly integrations of our patented interoperability technology, Interchain, for businesses to leverage all their siloed and disparate systems so that they can capture critical data from all applicable resources.

Read the full blog here!

Advanced Identity Systems by Dragonchain

advanced identity

Every purchase we make, every site we visit, every event we attend creates a collection of data just waiting to be exposed. The vast majority of this data is collected, held, and controlled by centralized companies. These companies offer a single access point for data breaches by either bad actors or leaks from inside the business.

Dragonchain offers an Advanced Identity System designed to decrease the risks of data exposure of individuals and limit liabilities to businesses.

Read the entire article here!

Ensure Data Privacy with Blockchain


Dragonchain addresses privacy with a hybrid blockchain architecture and data segregation. The hybrid architecture includes a private business blockchain with a network of distributed blockchains. Businesses can secure the sensitive data of their customers as well as their business on their own private blockchain. The inclusion of an advanced identity system can limit the amount of sensitive data a business holds.

Read the entire article here!

Capability Brief

Energy Use and Tracking

Energy Cap

Business leaders across every industry are faced with the challenge of reducing, tracking, and accounting for energy expenditures to foster a more sustainable environment. Our flexible solutions are efficient, scalable, and sustainable so that any system can record, track, and verify climate-related data to prove climate related data with very low energy consumption.

Read about energy use and tracking here!

Super Happy Dragon Lucky


Thank you to every Dragon Knight who has joined us for 165 episodes of Super Happy Dragon Lucky!

Get caught up on all the shows now!


New Feature

Anonymous Posting

Each Lair can now decide to allow anonymous posting. If anonymous posting is allowed all post rewards will go to the LOT owners and all anonymous posts can be seen in the anonymous user profile.



Community Call

DENDAO continues to invite every Denizen to participate in the weekly DENDAO Governance Call. Join them every Wednesday at 3pm EDT / 7pm UTC!

Prioritization Vote

In the latest prioritization votes DENDAO approved the engineering team to add new Lair metrics and a leaderboard. The updates will add Lair metrics (needed for LOT swap) and would provide a Lair leaderboard, where Lairs are ranked according to their MTR productivity. It may also include user leaderboards within Lairs as well.

See all the votes DENDAO had this quarter!

Lair Creation Process

The Lair Creation Process (LCP) is an opportunity for the community to propose and commit LOR on the communities they want to see in Den. Winning Lairs will see their committed LOR used to create NFT-based LOT. Every LOT comes with ownership in the Lair, passive income via a portion of all MTR mined in the Lair, governance access, and of course free edits in the Lair. The LCP takes place every month.

July 2022 LCP


The July 2022 LCP winners are …

  • The top in Unique voters is Craft Beer with 2.2M LOR committed and 59 Unique voters! JacobWayne proposed the Lair in February of 2022!
  • The #5 in most LOR committed is Preppers with 919K LOR committed and 35 Unique voters! Dragon Striker Proposed the Lair in September of 2021!
  • The #13 in most LOR committed is The Modern Man with 471.6K LOR committed and 34 Unique voters! Rocketlaunch proposed the Lair in April of 2021!

August 2022 LCP


The August 2022 LCP winners are…

  • #1 in Unique Voters is Natural Health with 709.8K LOR committed and 70 Unique voters! Natural Health! Miccox proposed the Lair in December of 2020!
  • #5 in LOR Committed is Conspiracy Theories with 611.3K LOR committed and 33 Unique voters! Foost proposed the Lair in September of 2021!
  • #13 in LOR Committed is Anime & Manga with 417.9K LOR committed and 3 1 Unique voters! Pumpers proposed the Lair in November of 2021!

September 2022 LCP


The September 2022 LCP winners are…

  1. The #1 in Unique Voters with 2.4M LOR committed and 62 Unique voters: Unidentified Flying Object! vujmilo proposed the Lair in June of 2022!
  2. The #5 in LOR Committed with 924.3K LOR committed and 30 Unique voters: GIFs: Funny Animated GIFs For Your Viewing Satisfaction! Dragon Zack proposed the Lair in November of 2021!
  3. The #13 in LOR Committed with 329.3K LOR committed and 22 Unique voters: Fishing! JacobWayne proposed the Lair in May of 2021!

World Blockchain Round Table


We had some great conversations this quarter and the WBRT DAO community did a great job getting the word out! WBRT DAO created over 93.2K LOT. All LOT created is based on the number of views the show gets in the first week of airing.


We continued the use of Lair Governance to make decisions pertaining to WBRT.

Theme Selections

Through a process of theme suggestions and voting the following themes were determined by the WBRT community:


  • July 7th Full episode devoted to recent/current events
  • July 14th Raising capital for an idea, project or company
  • July 21st The Pitfalls of Celebrity Shilling
  • July 28th DAO's as Constitutional City States


  • August 4th Implications to recorded history
  • August 11th Politics And Blockchains
  • August 18th Crypto Market Manipulation
  • August 25th Web 1.0: History and Limitations


  • Blockchain Fundamentals
  • Making the world better with blockchain and decentralized systems
  • Transitioning from Number Go Up to Blockchain Go Up
  • Cloud mining applications
  • Decentralized YouTube alternatives

Show Parameters

The WBRT DAO finally selected a proper name for the lead host of each show. The new name is Master of Ceremonies!

Other WBRT DAO votes include:

  • Allow anonymous posting - Approved
  • Allow hosts to post in the WBRT Lair - Approved
  • An adjustment in the sequence of shows in August - Approved
  • The ability for show hosts to change the topic last minute - Approved

Get caught up on all the shows now!

Coffee with Den


Denizen’s favorite Coffee with Den moved to its own Lair. After 45 episodes the show is now officially the Coffee with Den DAO with 85 LOT owners. Thank you to everyone who has participated! Tune in every Wednesday at 9am EDT / 1pm UTC!

Watch the shows here!


coffee with den merch

In honor of Coffee With Den DAO get 10% off all Coffee with Den merch until December 31, 2022! Use coupon code coffee-q3-2022

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As we head into the last quarter 0f 2022 we are excited to see how the year ends. Thank you for your continued support as we advocate for blockchain technology as a tool to record history with immutability.