Dragonchain 2021 Quarterly Report

Hello Dragon Family! The third quarter was busy. We continued to spread awareness about Dragonchain’s capabilities, made some new friends, and opened more avenues for the community to participate. Let's see what’s been going on. 

Making the Rounds

Dragonchain Founder and Architect, Joe Roets, had the opportunity to speak at the Wyoming Blockchain Stampede! Joe talked about Decentralized Autonomous Organizations for Social Platforms. You can see the full presentation here!

COO of Dragonchain, Phil Abraham, took part in a panel discussion on Building Trust and Transparency into our Supply Chain during the GBBC Annual Blockchain Central UNGA event.

You can watch the event here!

Phil also sat down with DBusiness to discuss advancements of blockchain technology in data protection. Read the article here! (Page 42)

New Partners

MY Travel Bloc

Dragonchain and MY Travel Bloc sign a letter of intent to co-develop and deploy the most secure and efficient blockchain travel solution on earth. The combined collaborative team is committed to deliver:

  • Collaboration across the entire travel industry. We are consolidating travel procurement in a win-win solution for both buyer and supplier.
  • Joint innovation and product development. We are using cutting edge cloud-based blockchain architecture, patented smart contracts, artificial intelligence, and machine learning in a scalable value-added ecosystem.
  • Industry leading sustainable recycle bin technology. We are helping all participants to actively engage in caring for our planet faithfully and efficiently.
  • Real-time distributed ledger. We will streamline expense reconciliation and financial transactions.

Learn more here! 


In a first of its kind venture, DBooks has partnered with Dragonchain to build cryptocurrency-based accountancy software that gives crypto-based companies the toolset required to perform all fiat and crypto-related accounting tasks from a single platform.

Learn more about the partnership here!


Embracing our Interchain Everything motto Dragonchain and Tatum will team up to provide more utility. “We’re really excited for the integration with Tatum. We have always felt the path to adoption is through interoperability and utility. Integrating with Tatum will make it even easier for businesses and their DevOps teams to capitalize on the utility of specific blockchains to address their challenges.” - Joe Roets, Architect and Founder, Dragonchain

Read more about the integration here!

Superstars in the making!

On the way to the Moon we made a pit stop on Fox Sports! Our beloved Moon commercial aired during a special showcasing the joint charity event from Global Field Day and Raiinmaker

Thank you Ghost Coast and Dave Chisholm for capturing it on the big screen!

Information is King

As promised in the Dragonchain Network Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Report we added an Energy Calculator to the metrics page. Check it out for yourself!

New Blogs

Blockchain Technology Fundamentals

We often get asked the question, "What problem does Dragonchain solve?" We think that's the wrong question. In fact it's a very limiting question. Can you imagine defining the future applications of the Internet based on what people at that time thought the Internet should and shouldn't be used for? Today, we use the Internet for just about everything, only limited by our imagination.

Dragonchain wasn't built to solve a specific problem, it was built to provide capabilities.

The right question to ask is, "What are the fundamental capabilities of Dragonchain?" From there a business can build a solution to any problem.

So, how did we build a platform of capabilities that can be used by any business? It starts with the architecture.

Blockchain Solutions For The Financial Industry

The financial industry is not immune to the digital transformation of our global economy. Concerned with the possibility of cryptocurrencies upending their livelihood,those in the financial sector are understandably apprehensive about the use of blockchain technology.

Today, the financial industry is met with increasing instances of fraud, data breaches, regulatory requirements, and compliance reporting and their traditional siloed systems are failing to keep up. Dragonchain has the tools necessary to secure and streamline the financial industry’s workflow processes for a smoother transition into the new global economy.

Line-of-Sight Blockchain-Based Predictive Analytics

Currently, businesses are unable to see all aspects of their supply chain. Off-the-shelf software applications are siloed, not interoperable, and fail to deliver solutions to the problems businesses face. A better solution is an interoperable blockchain where sensitive data remains private yet proof of all operations is decentralized. We use predictive analysis, ENFTs, and interoperability IoT devices to give businesses complete line-of-sight into their entire supply chain.

Novel Solutions for Inclusive Digital Currencies

There is no doubt that digital currencies will become part of the monetary system. To what extent their inclusion and effect will have on the current economy of nation-states remains to be seen.

There are aspects of centralized and decentralized digital currencies that are both valuable. But some parts are an affront to freedom and liberty. Others are unrealistic. What if we used a hybrid public/private digital currency? A trustless system that protects private and proprietary data offers proof of data integrity, respects the individual’s rights, and the sovereignty of nations will prove to be the system needed. 

Ultimately, both centralized and decentralized advocates see the positive outcomes possible with the ability to monitor, record, and analyze money flows. They differ in who they want to monitor. The question is can both sides come together to build a new monetary system built on these ideals?

A Model for Blockchain-Based Enterprise Resource Planning

As businesses grow, this becomes more difficult as different departments, regardless of their organizational structure, need to communicate effectively to drive business insights and innovation. To solve the communication and coordination challenges, companies turn to Enterprise Resource Planning systems, also known as ERPs, to improve the flow of information across their organization. The inclusion of a blockchain-based ERP system can protect privacy, secure data and its proof, and automate any workflow process in an efficient and sustainable way. Learn about Enterprise Resource Planning and how blockchain can be used to address some of the challenges seen with traditional ERP systems. 

Securing The Nation’s Supply Chain

Dragonchain has developed an advanced protocol for the secure delivery of general software releases and artifacts. The protocol leverages advanced features of the Dragonchain hybrid blockchain to provide decentralized timestamping with measurable proof, wherein the user can independently verify that the software is verified and uncorrupted. Every participant or team responsible for the approval of a portion of a software release must cryptographically sign the release artifacts to allow the software to be rolled out or deployed by the end-user (i.e. business or consumer). The device or deployer themselves can verify the authenticity of the signing history using Dragonchain technology and detect attacks or maliciously compromised software.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization for a Social Platform

Imagine an organizational structure that reduced costs and increased fairness. One that addresses the weaknesses of other traditional organizational structures, decreases the reliance on middlemen in a business, and has the single focus to protect the organization itself.

Now imagine a group of people scattered across the globe who have never met, guiding that organization in establishing rules and making decisions, autonomously, on the operation of an organization instead of unaligned stakeholder interests. This is a DAO. This is Den Governance.


LOR Behavior Rewards System

Get rewarded for holding MTR, LOR, DRGN, and LOT in your wallet!

Den has activated the next phase for token utility. Staking for LOR has officially started! Den likes to blaze its own trail so we are excited to create the easiest way to stake in the industry. Simply hold tokens in your claimed wallet. That’s it. 

As of September 30th Den has rewarded 21,366,210 LOR over 33 snapshots!

Learn more about the LOR Behavior Rewards System (Farming) here!

Den Mobile is LIVE!

Google Play




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Downtrend Evaluator Pool is LIVE!

Get rewarded for accurately identifying the quality of content. Learn more about the downtrend evaluator pool here!

Tagging is LIVE!

Get rewarded for accurately labeling the subject matter of a post. 

Learn more about tagging here and here!

Den Governance Board


The board held two votes this quarter.

The board voted and approved LOR farming allocations. The pools are as follows:

Pool           Percentage

  • MTR/ETH         45.0%

  • LOR/ETH         20.0%

  • MTR (int/ext)   15.0%

  • LOT (int/ext)    6.0%

  • DRGN/ETH        6.0%

  • DRGN              4.5%

  • LOR (int/ext)    2.0%

  • DEN GOV LOT      1.5%

View the vote here! Read more about the LOR Behavior Rewards System here!

The board also voted on how to handle recovered MTR for accounts in violation of the terms of service or manipulating the algorithm. View the vote here!


A discussion was started about how to proceed for Den Governance 2022. 

The goal for 2022? Accessibility!

See what the community thinks here!

Den also asked the community at large where to focus development efforts moving forward. See what they said here!


Den kicked off a new and improved Den Governance Call process! More ways to watch. More ways to interact. See how here!

Lair Creation Process

Every month Denizens propose and vote on what new Lairs will be created. So far Denizens have committed over 111 million LOR which has been used to create over 111 million NFT-based LOT!

July 2021 LCP

In this LCP, more than 1.2 Million LOR was committed, which in turn created more than 1.2 Million NFTs (LOT).

  1. Marketing by Denizens
  2. Spirituality

August 2021 LCP

In this LCP, more than 1.9 Million LOR was committed, which in turn created more than 1.9 Million NFTs (LOT). 

  1. The_Donald
  2. Green Earth

September 2021 LCP

In this LCP, more than 1.6 Million LOR was committed, which in turn created more than 1.6 Million NFTs (LOT). 

  1. Tabletop Role Playing Games
  2. Den’s Cybersecurity Awareness & Trends Source

World Blockchain Round Table

With 19 episodes under our belt, the show is a roaring success. Since we started we have created the World Blockchain Round Table Lair. The Lair serves as a central hub and all questions are posted under a post that announces the topic of the week. We also implemented LOT rewards for hosts and community members who’s questions are answered on the show. 

As of the end of September over 28K LOT has been created and distributed proportionally to the hosts, community members who had their questions asked on the show, and WBRT Lair.

Read more about the changes here!

It was a great third quarter! We are excited to see what the next few months bring. As Greg Lang from Rivet says on the World Blockchain Round Table if you know there is a need and you don’t see it built get out there and build it!