Dragonchain Partners with LaJoie in Daytona to Drive American Innovation

Some may be surprised to hear that there is a well-established tradition of cryptocurrencies and blockchain companies sponsoring NASCAR drivers. Perhaps the most well-known and adored among them being Dogecoin, in 2014. Serving as a NASCAR sponsor can be an effective platform to publicize a company, but Dragonchain’s collaboration with Corey LaJoie was about more than just buzz. Being featured prominently on No. 72, Dragonchain was given an incredible opportunity to bring visibility to blockchain technology as a whole, as well as Dragonscale, the network arm of Dragonchain that provides the necessary resources to startup incubator projects. Dragonchain always emphasizes the importance of education, and leveraged their NASCAR sponsorship as a way to introduce blockchain business applications to the public.

In a show of support for Corey on race day, the Dragonchain Team flew down to sunny Daytona to attend the Coke Zero Sugar 400 race. They hung out with Corey and the TriStar Motorsports team, talked blockchain tech with Jason Appleton, (AKA Crypto Crow) and enjoyed the exciting race up close! Fortunately, Daytona isn’t the last time you’ll see Corey LaJoie’s No. 72 featuring Dragonchain. Dragonchain is a partial sponsor all season long and a full sponsor on No. 72 in Las Vegas this September 16th as well as October 21st in Kansas City.

While in Florida, Jonel Cordero, Chief Marketing Officer of Dragonchain hosted a community meetup and was featured as a guest on The Blockchain Show podcast. Jonel sat down with host Ian Collins to discuss the industry disruption that blockchain represents, Dragonchain’s NASCAR sponsorship, and the limitlessness of Dragonchain’s products and platform. Those listening closely also heard Jonel announce the opening of two brand new Dragonchain offices, in Kansas City and Raleigh. To listen to the complete podcast visit The Blockchain Show website.

Dragonchain is looking ahead with great excitement and anticipation; not just in regards to the team’s expansion, roadmap goals, and platform launch, but also to their continuing friendship with Corey LaJoie and TriStar Motorsports. When asked how he felt about driving the No. 72 with Dragonchain’s beloved “JoJo” featured so prominently, Corey explained, “Our No. 72 Chevy Camaro ZL1 looked great in Dragonchain blue last weekend at Daytona International Speedway. I’m always happy to team up with great American companies who drive innovation. Hate that we got collected in the second big wreck, but I’m looking forward the rest of the season with the Dragonchain team!”

Partnerships with Dragonscale allow access to a fast growing industry set to innovate, expand mergers and acquisitions, and investment opportunities. You can click here to learn more about Dragonscale and apply to join the Dragonscale Network today.

For Dragonscale partnership opportunities, please contact the team at dragonscale(@)dragonchain(DOT)com.