Dragonchain Implements Security Value In Proof Reports

A recent update to Dragonchain’s Proof Report system adds an exciting new security metric. Transaction Security Value shows, in real time, how many dollars ($USD) of energy consumption has been used to secure a transaction. Starting in the millions of dollars, the value continually increases over time.

A Proof Report is the history and breakdown of a Dragonchain transaction. Not unlike a block explorer, the report provides information essential to proving chain of custody by showing the transaction ID, timestamp, raw data, and the hash of Ethereum or Bitcoin.

All Dragonchain transactions end up on Bitcoin and Ethereum, therefore it is possible to measure the hashpower and electricity cost applied since it was posted. This amount grows as more Ethereum and Bitcoin blocks are added to the chain over time.

We believe this feature will cement the true security behind Dragonchain transactions. Dragonchain has long claimed that all transactions end up on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other Interchains, but this is the first time we can show measurable proof and what it means for the security of transactions.

This metric was included in our Beaxy POC trading reports and is visible in every proof report from Eternal.report. Proof reports can be customized for any business application. We are excited to bring this tool to all our customers, so they can show their customers why they are using Dragonchain.