Dragonchain Consulting and Blockchain Development Services

Leverage The Expertise Of Industry Leaders Within The Blockchain Space

The Dragonchain Consulting team will help you implement flexible blockchain solutions to address your real-world business problems. We offer blockchain development of PoC and production systems as well as whitepaper services.

Experience and Knowledge

What started at Disney was based on decades of experience building secure and scalable systems. We know where the pain points of blockchain implementation lay and we’re here to make it easier and more economical for traditional businesses to leverage blockchain technology.

Businesses can apply our novel blockchain consensus algorithms to their traditional, already in use, systems while saving development costs and implementation time.

Dragonchain’s development experience is unmatched in the blockchain space. We’ve developed cryptocurrencies and public blockchain verification platforms as well as custom private blockchain platforms that host multiple currencies and provide unique capabilities. We built a decentralized identity platform to mitigate the risks associated with holding sensitive information and data breaches. We give businesses a way to provide measurable proof to customers, partners, and regulators.

Dragonchain pioneered the use of Behavior Systems to motivate employees and partners to follow prescribed workflow processes, take specific actions, and maintain regulatory compliance. We then applied the Behavior System technology to a social media platform that elevates quality content in a marketplace. We also built a unique system to prove randomness in a selection process.

We have proven strategies for flexible integrations, low operational costs, and quick time to market. Our architecture also allows businesses to meet GDPR/CCPA privacy regulations and features on blockchain.

Fundamental Blockchain Technology

Providing a suite of capabilities for your business is our focus. Dragonchain’s strong foundation of capabilities gives your business the tools needed to build any scalable and flexible solution it requires. Businesses in any industry can deploy to any environment, use any coding language, use existing DevOps teams, connect to any system, and maintain flexibility for unexpected future changes.

Dragonchain offers the most flexible blockchain platform on the market. Businesses can implement and customize PoW, PoS, and experimental cryptocurrency mining and minting algorithms.

Dragonchain’s patented interoperability goes beyond simple token swaps to connect any traditional business system with any blockchain to add more utility in a workflow process.

We’re a leader in blockchain security with the incorporation of advanced quantum encryption and signing technology. Every transaction on Dragon Net is secured with the combined measurable security of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Dragonchain is the most secure proof system on Earth.

Dragonchain is there for your businesses now and into the future.

Businesses who are apprehensive about implementing blockchain solutions can be assured of our long history of blockchain education with the unique ability to bridge the gap between traditional business processes and new technologies and help businesses through the entire process.

We’re proud to have worked with others in the field such as W3C Blockchain Community Group, NIST, GBBC, BPSAA, and the GBA to establish protocols that bring novel blockchain solutions to the masses in the most flexible and scalable way possible.

We will help you meet your environmental goals as we take our responsibility of being good stewards seriously. Your business can track and report its environmental requirements while using a sustainable blockchain platform. The Dragonchain platform is hosted in carbon-neutral facilities and the verification nodes have the smallest energy consumption on the market by design. With Dragonchain, your business can actually use blockchain efficiently and responsibly.

Let us show you how to gain an advantage over the competition and achieve your goals. Contact us today!

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