Get Started Building Applications on Blockchain Today With Our Developer Plan

Dragonchain’s Blockchain as a Service platform is now more accessible than ever, thanks to the release of the Dragonchain Developer Plan. This plan allows users to get started on the Dragonchain Platform and interact with the console. By registering for the Dragonchain Developer Plan, new users will receive the necessary credits to spin up an L1 node and start building their own blockchain projects, applications and solutions. Users that make an account and receive verification within this initial release window will also receive 3 months of free access as a bonus for signing up.

To get started on your Developer Plan, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the Developer plan from among our price plans
  2. Fill out the sign up form and create a Dragonchain console account
  3. Check your inbox for the verification code sent by registration@dragonchain(dot)com
  4. Enter the verification code to complete the registration process

After completing the registration process, you will immediately be taken to the Dragonchain console and begin your 3-month free access period. From there, you will be able to post transactions and start building blockchain applications and smart contracts with full access to the Dragonchain Platform. If you want to know where to begin as a new user, the following tasks are a good place to get started and will help introduce you to the way that Dragonchain operates.

  1. Create a chain
  2. Create a transaction
  3. Build a smart contract

If you need help completing these or any other processes on Dragonchain, we have some valuable resources to help you move past help obstacles. Once you’re registered, take a look at our Guide to Develop on Blockchain, which can provide you with instructions and examples related to different Dragonchain features. This page will also connect you to useful smart contract templates and our Dragonchain SDKs for Python and NodeJS.

To get a more personalized experience or address a specific issue, you can visit the Dragonchain Developer Forum. This official Dragonchain channel provides a space for developers of all levels to ask questions and engage in discussions with the community. The Dragonchain Developer Forum not only allows you to find answers and help while building on Dragonchain, it also serves as a space for you to find other developers to help you finish your project or solution.

We are excited to open the doors to a new community of users through the Dragonchain Developer plan and look forward to seeing what they build on our platform. If you have any questions or want to receive more resources, feel free to contact us.