DApp Hackathon 2019 Projects Spotlight

Between December 5 to December 10, Dragonchain hosted the DApp Hackathon 2019, their first virtual hackathon.

The purpose of the hackathon was to give participants the opportunity to integrate an existing system with blockchain or create a project from scratch. A total of five teams submitted their projects for the running of the top prizes:

  • Best Use of Interchain: $500 Cash
  • Most Creative: 0.1 BTC worth of DRGN
  • Most Innovative: 0.25 BTC worth of DRGN
  • Best Integration: 0.25 BTC worth of DRGN
  • Most Commercially Viable: 1 BTC worth of DRGN

Note: The price of Dragons in Bitcoin was pulled from CoinGecko at Midnight UTC December 10th, 2019 In addition to the above prize, each category won:

  • An engraved Dragonchain Ledger Nano S
  • 6 months free on Dragonchain’s managed service platform
  • A feature on our YouTube show, Super Happy Dragon Lucky


TempGuard: Commercially Viable and Most Innovative

TempGuard is a temperature monitoring solution that uses sensors to automate and ledger the monitoring of temperature on the blockchain. Its primary use case is the food industry, where the USDA requires every food handling entity not only to ensure that the cold chain is kept but also to keep a log of this monitoring. It is currently not only a very manual and tedious process but also one that can be easily manipulated. By using sensors and the blockchain, you save workforce hours and have decentralized proof of your monitors. It can easily be expanded to any sensor/industry.

Where did the idea of your project come from?

CryptoLothar: The idea itself came from a product that I'm currently working on, but not only is it completely centralized, I'm also not in charge of the backend or business development of the product. I'm "just" the mobile developer. But on the hackathon page, one of the things they mentioned was that it was an opportunity to integrate existing systems into blockchain. So after having a chat with my boss and showing him the potential of offering the product on the blockchain, he gave me permission to go for it. But I had to do it all on my own! That just goes to show you how easy it is to develop on Dragonchain. I was able to have a working prototype in just four days even though it is not something I'm used to doing. The fact that I was able to learn how to work on the Platform and get it going in such a short amount of time is just mindblowing. I can’t wait to keep working on it and bringing it to production!

Source Code: https://github.com/jlubeck/dragonchain-hackathon

CEBlocks: Best Integration

CEBlocks is an accredited continuing education certificate authority, loyalty program, and marketplace solution in one. Continuing education providers ledger records of credit earned on behalf of customers. Customers earn CEB Tokens that can be redeemed with the original provider OR in a marketplace of relevant product and service sellers. Providers benefit from increased customer loyalty. Marketplace partners gain access to a highly tailored audience of customers. All parties can rely on the solution because it is both third-party managed and verified and secured by Dragonchain blockchain technology.

Where did the idea of your project come from?

JohnWantsMore: I've had the notion for a couple of years (one of the first ideas that occurred to me when Dragonchain was announced/I joined the ICO). My primary client and business is in the continuing education space, and this was an answer to a real problem faced in that space (both from the records retention and loyalty management sides).

Source Code: https://github.com/WhiteRavenTechnology/ceblocks

Melange: Most Creative

Melange is a meme-tracking chain, capable of registering new memes and tracking shares. Images are branded with a digital watermark using steganography to establish ownership. Image files found on the internet and reposted to the chain are logged as "shares." The chain itself acts as a repository of the meme images, and a chain that can be used to track the proliferation of memes across the internet.

Where did the idea of your project come from?

I had a sprawling multi-hour brainstorming session with Joe (and later others) that covered a number of topics too large to mention. However, among the topics was the power of memes on social media, and the amazing future potential for blockchain solutions to eliminate censorship. Somewhere along the way, the marriage of the two became obvious.

Source Code: https://github.com/allandunham/melange


Skybelt is a blockchain as a service that is designed for business system managers & administrators to write transactions to the blockchain. Skybelt plugs into existing software solutions such as SaaS, PaaS, IaaS & XaaS for repeatable processes.

Source Code: Not Submitted


Drgn-Auth-Video is a small application that uses the gocv packages for face detection and neural network recognition.

Source Code: https://github.com/Jhoust/Drgn-Auth-Video

Thank you again to these teams for taking the time to participate in our DApp hackathon. If you’re inspired by these projects or are If you’re interested in future hackathons, keep up to date with us by signing up for our newsletter.