Dragon Den Uses Blockchain Tech to Battle Fake News and Reward Quality Content in Social Media

Singapore, March 20, 2019 — Dragonchain, the leader in innovation of blockchain technology, has announced at Money 20/20 Asia, the public beta launch of Dragon Den, its blockchain based social networking application.

In the current environment, social networks have no established way to verify users and content published. As a result, popular content (social influencer posts) end up littered with spam, trolls, scams, and fake news. Data ownership on these platforms is limited, therefore content creators aren’t rewarded for high-quality content produced, and risk their work being plagiarized. Verifying content published on these platforms is not only difficult to do, but can become very costly.

Dragon Den, a tokenized community platform built on Dragonchain, incentivizes the creation and evaluation of quality content on a blockchain. Dragon Den’s reward model focuses on evaluating content within individual communities, grouped by a common topic or area of interest. Each community decides whether content has merit.

“Dragon Den was designed around core principles to resist spam, trolls, and purveyors of fake news by rewarding users for creating and evaluating quality content in a community,” said Joe Roets, CEO and founder of Dragonchain. “It utilizes tokenization and the capabilities of the Dragonchain Platform to combat the prevailing issues seen across all major social networks.”

Dragon Den expects to see a full public release in Q3 2019. If you are interested in being a part of the public beta program, please apply for access.