Blockchain as a Service at Scale for Enterprise

I’m Dean Shelton, a Senior Software Engineer from the core team. We actually built the blockchain, the Dragonchain. A Blockchain as a Service platform where you generate a blockchain and start interfacing with it, without a barrier to entry.

About Dean Shelton

  • 10 years of software development experience
  • Experience with startups and fortune 100 companies like The Walt Disney Company and Microsoft
  • Digital architecture, blockchain, web development

Can everyone develop on blockchain?

I got to know Joe Roets, the CEO of Dragonchain, during his time at Disney and that is when I got excited about blockchain. I wondered if I could develop on blockchain as well, because I thought it would be difficult. But it’s not! There’s a huge barrier to entry on Ethereum, and Dragonchain found ways to make the barrier to entry easier. Especially with a faster developer cycle compared to platforms like Ethereum. So you can make mistakes, and we all make mistakes all the time, develop blockchain stuff faster and recover quickly. With a fast developer cycle you can build more blockchain quicker. There’s no ocean of dead code and bad unfinished projects on Ethereum.

A better way to code and develop blockchain applications

How can you write blockchain code and not have to push your code out on to the testnet? There’s a better way. At Dragonchain we’ve built a public/private hybrid blockchain platform. It keeps your data private, so you can build your own code, push it up, change your smart contracts whenever you want. And as a bonus, you do it in any language you are comfortable with. There’s no need to learn Solidity and develop on Ethereum if you want other options.

Interoperability between blockchains

Dragonchain’s main focus is on interoperability to name one. If you’ve ever done any coding for Ethereum, it is kind of difficult. If you want a contract to talk to another private Ethereum blockchain, kind of hard or impossible with the way the virtual machine is set up. Dragonchain is giving you a way to write your code in a docker container, push it up, interface with whatever public blockchain you want and execute your own business data. You can write your own smart contract in minutes.

High performance blockchain platform

High performance is another main focus because Dragonchain has to do everything at scale. That is why we recently built this whole thing on top of Kubernetes. It was a standalone service at first, but we migrated to the cloud so you can scale with your business needs.

Developer friendly blockchain development

Then of course, we have to be developer friendly. We want you to get products out fast. That is why we focus on docker. You can totally write your blockchain code in a container.