AQED & Dragonchain Partner to Provide a Quantum-Safe Blockchain

We are thrilled to announce that we have entered into a strategic partnership with Advanced Quantum Encryption Devices (AQED). This venture brings our quantum-safe blockchain-based cybersecurity solutions to enterprises, institutions, and entities around the world. With AQED’s quantum-safe technology and Dragonchain’s hybrid interoperable blockchain, the cybersecurity industry will never be the same.

As part of this strategic partnership, the team at AQED will begin onboarding their existing and future clients onto the Dragonchain platform. This will ramp up the adoption of our patented Interchain technology on a scale not yet seen in the industry. AQED is currently training their recently expanded sales force on how Dragonchain and Polymorphic Technologies will provide a Digital Fortress for their customers.

AQED has taken an equity position in Dragonchain, incentivizing them to bring adoption which will take us both to new heights. By bringing together companies that focus on different aspects of cybersecurity, we are providing a holistic approach to shut down vulnerable vectors of any system, literally ending data breaches for enterprise.

Dr. Al Carlson, Co-founder and CTO of AQED, as well as a member of the advisory board for the VA, will join as an advisor to Dragonchain. Bringing his decades of cybersecurity and cryptography experience with him.

“As a country right now, with our present state of technology, we're extremely vulnerable to what's happening with quantum computing and quantum attacks. AQED is building the technology to directly counter quantum attacks.”

What is the Polymorphic Random Number Generator?

Dr. Al describes it best, “Think of doing a handshake between the computers. That gives you the initial number. The initial number selects a random number generator; a seed. Then we map that onto a physically unclonable function that’s agreed upon between the two nodes, usually by taking some information from both nodes and combining them in a known way. What that does is it points to an area in the physically unclonable function, and you read part of that. That information is then used as a seed along with the information you input and selects the next seed. So you’re running from seed to seed to seed. Before there’s enough time for an attacker to figure out what the sequence is, all those seeds replace the random number generator and you replace the physically unclonable function tables. So you end up having an evolving set of random information that you’re picking from that was determined from the original physically unclonable functions in the handshake.”

What AQED brings to the table:

AQED takes polymorphic technologies and turns them into a program that would make it easy for the average individual to use to secure any system now and into the future. AQED knows you don't have to spend a billion dollars to be quantum-safe. You just have to do it differently.

What Dragonchain brings to the table:

Dragonchain’s patented interoperability system, Interchain, removes the complexity involved when connecting any of the organization’s modern or legacy systems, whether it is their supply chain, accounting, or IT systems.

Learn how Dragonchain segregates data from proof or contact us. Dragonchain provides a quantum safe blockchain environment inside a digital fortress.