Answering the Global CBDC Challenge

With over eighty-one countries actively exploring the use of CBDCs, we were inspired to release a whitepaper outlining the importance of a hybrid approach to digital currencies.


Read our CBDC whitepaper in Answering the Global CBDC Challenge.

Dragonchain’s hybrid platform is well positioned to provide an interoperable system that provides selective transparency and quantum encryption for the protection of sensitive information.

The flexible and scalable system can be deployed in any environment requested and operates at a 90% reduction in energy usage compared to the worldwide non-cash payment system.

Our model includes the ability to back digital currencies with fiat, commodities, cryptocurrencies, or any combination the issuing body would require. Additionally, we offer strategies for the use of digital currencies without Internet access making offline payments possible.

We believe our hybrid approach to digital currencies is one that provides the balance of centralization and decentralization necessary to address the significant challenges that await the creation and implementation of CBDCs across the globe.

Read more: In September, we briefly documented our model for digital currencies in a post on HackerNoon titled Novel Solutions for Inclusive Digital Currencies: A Workable and Scalable Model for the Real World.

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