Dragonchain Q1 Roadmap Report

Adoption Metrics Reporting

Dragonchain is dedicated to providing transparency and technological progress to our community. We will be sharing quarterly adoption metrics moving forward. Find last quarter’s metrics here.

Commercial Platform - On-Premises Capabilities

Dragonchain has partnered with MetroEDGE, a microdata center company, to create EDGE computing and storage solutions throughout the country. Reach out to us if you are interested in an on-premises design and we will get you en-route to a customized solution.

Platform - Labs

Labs is a test environment that allows users to see the Dragonchain Platform and learn how to interact with it. Labs was completed in Q1 and is currently being used for internal testing.

Consulting Services Launch

Dragonchain is now offering consulting services to help clients develop blockchain strategies, design their platform, and learn how they can apply blockchain to their intended use case. Learn more here.

Dragonchain Academy - Additional Courses, Productized LMS & Token Model *Bonus

This quarter, Dragonchain Academy released a new developer course and productized Lyceum, our blockchain-based learning management system, to allow organizations to build their own course materials on Academy. Dragonchain Academy also announced a new token model to incentivize students and subject matter experts alike.

Dragon Den’s New Token Model *Bonus

At Money 20/20 Asia, Dragonchain announced a new tokenization plan for Dragon Den and its public launch, expected in Q3.

Dragonscale - Publication of Model & Competition Launch

Near the end of Q1, Dragonscale announced its new business model, which includes a startup pitch bracket and project voting system based on TIME Devotion. The competition is expected to launch early in the fall and introduces a major outlet for the Dragonchain community to use their TIME. Learn more about the competition here.

Privacy Whitepaper

The privacy whitepaper is currently being reviewed and modified to align with changes in the regulatory environment. It will be released along with our privacy products in Q2.

We’re proud to close the door on another quarter filled with technological advances. Dragonchain is excited to share upcoming quarter's roadmap goals soon. Sign up for our newsletter for the latest updates.