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Data confidence starts here. An open source project. The Dragonchain architecture is designed to allow nodes to handle approval of transactions based upon five levels of network consensus to provide a spectrum of trust to data consumers; a level of security and flexibility unseen in the market by current blockchain solution providers.

Features and Benefits

Seamlessly connect Data, Apps, and Services

Distributed Ledger - Implement a single source of truth preventing data from getting out of sync or become inconsistent.

Off-Chain Data - Self host, or utilize the Dragonchain Managed Service and automatically scale to meet the demands of thousands of applications running millions of transactions.

Interoperability - Utilize RESTful APIs, making your blockchain network just another endpoint as well as have access to built in library smart contracts connecting to popular networks such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance.

Build Trust with Transparency

Governance - Proof of TIME, a blockchain-based consensus framework that brings immutability and distributed trust for smart contracts and data input.

On-Chain Scalability - Access to Dragon Net, a scaled approach to consensus that uses independent verification nodes provided by Dragonchain users providing turn key trust.

Access Control - Permissioned access control as defined by you, or work with Dragonchain consultants to utilize decentralized identity and access management.

Fast, Easy Deployment

Development and Deployment - Dragonchain Platform SDKs allow developers to build and deploy blockchain solutions quickly and easily. In just a few clicks, our managed service makes it easy to create and manage a Dragonchain network.

Smart Contracts - Bring containerization of smart contracts to your cloud, edge or on-premises environment and deploy trusted smart contracts – in minutes.

API - RESTful API for fast and easy deployment.

Integration - Utilize Dragonchain tools or Dragonchain’s blockchain experts to design and implement solutions and integrations for digitally transforming how you exchange data and deliver services at a micro level.

Open-Source Built

Open Source Protocol - Dragonchain open source project simplifies integration onto a blockchain using a Public / Private Hybrid model.

On-Chain Data - Full control over what sensitive business logic stays private, while also determining what can be shared on public blockchains.

Token Economy - Leverage the Dragonchain Tokenized Micro License and tokenize everything from traditional assets, to services, and licensing.

Platform Access

Account and Membership - Dragonchain Platform Console

Key Management - Dragonchain secures access to all nodes through HMAC keys, which involve a shared secret key stored both on the client and server side. HMAC keys are highly secure, efficient, and allows users to add or revoke access easily.

Privacy - Transactions and data access by permission.


Managed Service - Focus on building blockchain apps, and leave the network deploying, scheduling and cluster configuration and management to us.

Unmanaged - Utilize the Dragonchain platform that is built on Kubernetes with open source license features and have complete control over your network.

It Starts with Dragonchain

The new standard of exchange relies on data confidence, micro-process execution and decentralized identity. Those connections rely on shared data that is immutable, trusted and transparent. Dragonchain is all of these and more- the common link connecting the modern digital marketplace.

“...I had no idea that the technology piece could allow us to go from absolutely nothing, to something that is being beta tested in our store right now, today; in 4 days.”Ryan Sanderson, Knowledge Perk CEO
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