Open Source

Dragonchain's blockchain platform for unique hybrid flexibility, scalability, and security.

Develop applications on top of software that can adapt and scale to your business needs, with flexible integrations to your existing systems.
Containerized Smart Contracts
Smart contract development in any programming languages, no testnet needed, and update them whenever you want.
Docker images
Implement a secure and high-performance blockchain solution using Docker containers.
Blockchain as a Service
A full-stack public/private hybrid blockchain on a cloud-based or on-premise model.
Affordable High Performance
Instant transaction processing, fixed 5-second blocks, deterministic and predictable transaction fees as low as $0.0000025.
Every application operates as its own non-homogeneous private blockchain with selective public exposure capabilities when needed
Protect sensitive business logic, remain GDPR/HIPAA capable, while allowing interoperability with other blockchains and traditional systems
Blockchain as a Service
A better way to code and develop blockchain applications

Innovators are already using the blockchain platform to create value and drive disruption in their industries. Dragonchain’s blockchain platform and blockchain development team can assist you in taking your proof of concepts from the testing stage to successful implementation and live production. Our Blockchain as a Service and software solutions provide everything a business needs to build, operate, govern, and grow a working blockchain network.

Your blockchain is private, but has all the flexibility you need for your custom solutions, business goals, and requirements. This architecture, called hybrid blockchain, allows you to utilize the best features from both private and public blockchains without sacrificing security. This provides a scalable way to validate transactions, performed through a decentralized consensus mechanism.

Frequently Asked Questions
Build on our blockchain platform.
Dragonchain is blockchain and currency agnostic. We give you a way to write your code in a docker container, push it up, interface with whatever public blockchain you want, and execute your own business data. Write your own smart contract in minutes. Let Dragonchain enable you to build the private, secure, scalable and cost-effective solutions and services your business deserves, today.
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