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A Blockchain Platform that is Future-Proof.

Looking for the best and easiest blockchain platform to start developing blockchain applications? Want to implement a secure and high-performance blockchain solution using Docker containers? Ever tried a public/private hybrid blockchain providing a cloud-based model for Blockchain as a Service? We allow developers to build applications at a faster rate than other blockchain solutions. Our platform is built to eliminate the need for server setup, patch implementation, and updates. This saves your developers time that can be used to create decentralized applications and smart contracts. Dragonchain also offers a set of additional services. Including a library of smart contracts, and rich APIs to power blockchain applications. Spin up your own blockchain in minutes, with full control over scalability and flexibility.

Interchain Technology

  • Selective exposure or execution of logic on other chains
  • Combined hashpower and security of multiple public blockchains for every transaction
  • Interoperability with special purpose blockchains allows businesses to build without vendor or blockchain lock-in
  • Interchain smart contracts can be programmed to dynamically respond to changes in the business environment
  • Dragonchain’s broad-ranging patent and trademark sets the standard for blockchain interoperability

Public and Private Blockchain Capabilities

Our blockchain platform is a global multi-chain network, capable of integrating the functionalities of other blockchains. Any enterprise, business, or developer building their own blockchain application really is able to own their blockchain and data. Our blockchain is private, but has all the flexibility you need for your solutions. This architecture, called hybrid blockchain, allows you to utilize the best features from private and public blockchains. You have full control over what sensitive business logic stays private, while also determining what can be shared on public blockchains using Dragonchain’s patented Interchain technology. This provides a scalable way to validate transactions, performed through a decentralized consensus mechanism.


  • Rapid prototyping
  • Deployment in minutes
  • Support for any language or executable code including Python, Java, Node.js, Go, C#, or any *nix shell
  • Blockchain as a Service model allowing users to use a private chain without first needing to establish a network
  • Leverage well-known development and security patterns
  • Updatable smart contracts

Implement Blockchain With Your Existing Developers

Our blockchain platform makes building solutions easy and eliminates the need for hiring new staff and learning new coding languages. The developers on your team can write smart contracts in languages they’re familiar with. Building your first prototype on the blockchain no longer takes months to complete, and deploying your first blockchain can be done in a matter of minutes. Our BaaS is focused on rapid blockchain development without sacrificing any critical features.

High Performance

  • Hybrid architecture allows instant transaction processing
  • Fixed 5-second blocks and the ability to hash and sign over 2,000 transactions per second
  • On-premises and managed service capabilities create flexibility for enterprises
  • Microservice-based smart contracts
  • Cloud-agnostic deployment enabled through Kubernetes

Unlimited Scalability

Dragonchain allows you to leverage unmatched scalability thanks to its unique hybrid blockchain architecture. Originally developed inside The Walt Disney Company, and open sourced since 2016, Dragonchain’s blockchain company was designed with enterprise use in mind. In our efforts to create the most scalable blockchain for businesses and developers, we made sure every application operates as its own blockchain and is non-homogenous. In simple terms, this means you can have your own blockchain, which has different data from all the other blockchains on the network. The platform is the product of blockchain innovations in security, flexibility, and scalability. Experience our ease of use, flexibility and other features on our platform today, at no charge.

Take Control and Utilize Blockchain in Your Innovation Strategy

Innovators are using blockchain technology to create value and drive disruption in their industries. Dragonchain’s blockchain platform and blockchain development team can assist you in taking your proof of concepts and blockchain pilots from the testing stage to successful implementation and production. Our Blockchain as a Service and software solutions provide everything you need to build, operate, govern, and grow a working blockchain network. These capabilities will also accelerate the creation of blockchain applications in a variety of cloud environments. Deploy your own blockchain in minutes in the cloud(s) of your choice, including on-premise environments.

Containerized Smart Contracts as a Service

Our recent switch to Kubernetes supports improved deployment flexibility, updated developer tools, a centralized user interface to deploy and manage your applications, and more. The use of containerization has also enabled improved Smart Contract as a Service (SCaaS) capabilities. This includes a simplified deployment pipeline and new management tools for users, including contract delete, a widely requested feature.

What’s Included for Developers?

✔ Your own private blockchain

✔ Containerized smart contracts

✔ Extensive documentation and certifications

✔ Open source blockchain SDKs

✔ Interchain capability

✔ Tokenization capability

Interoperability While Remaining GDPR Compliant

Dragonchain keeps private data private by design, providing the flexibility needed by enterprises. Our architecture leverages scalability and interoperability to secure every transaction with multiple public blockchains. While still allowing a business or organization to protect the privacy of their data and that of their customers. These technological blockchain innovations are suitable for health data (HIPAA), financial transactions or the data of those transactions and other regulated data. Our infrastructure is designed to be General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant when needed, as well as compliant with other major data privacy laws being introduced around the world. This in addition to safeguarding any other proprietary data that a business chooses to protect.

Consensus Mechanism

Unlike other blockchain service providers, which utilize Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS), which are optional inside our platform, we offer our own consensus mechanism. Consensus is obtained through multiple blockchains with controlled data exposure in Context-Based Verification. A time-based hybrid blockchain network verification consensus algorithm, with non-resource bound scaling. Developers and enterprises can focus on their blockchain solutions, while our Blockchain as a Service takes care of the consensus in the background. When a sender broadcasts a transaction, it goes through several layers of security and encryption before it is broadcast to a public blockchain, leaving the recipient to decrypt the information contained within the transaction. The information can be completely arbitrary (value, data, logic).

Interchain, one part of the consensus, gives your business node multiple ways to explicitly control data and process exposure. This can be done to other nodes already built on our blockchain platform, as well as consortium blockchains, permissioned blockchains, and permissionless blockchains you’d like to have interoperability with. This also applies to blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are necessary to expose public proof of some part of your process (e.g. fee calculation, etc.) or to selectively decentralize that same process. If you want to go even further, catch more technical details in our architecture document about our blockchain technology.

Help Improve Dragonchain Through Our Bounty Programs

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