Webinar: Supply Chain in Blockchain

Today’s supply chains are increasingly more digital which makes them more transparent and strategic. Transformative technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine learning and Internet of Things are leading the digital charge.

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We cover:

  • Five key points of Supply Chain Management
  • Challenges faced in different industries due to lack of Quality and Traceability in Supplier Performance Management
  • The state of blockchain today
  • How blockchain enables efficiencies and improves overall Quality via a “shift-left” mentality

Meet Lawrence Lerner, President of Dragonchain Consulting Services

Lerner is a pioneer in Digital Payments. During his career, he has worked across industries in multiple leadership roles to enable digital transformation, scaling up businesses using edge technologies, creating $100Ms in new revenue.

Lerner has worked in the cryptocurrency space since the late ’90s and in blockchain since 2011. His blockchain venture fund had its first exit in 2019 with four startups in the portfolio.

In 2018 he co-founded the Cascadia Blockchain Council (CBC), which already has a list of regional wins, including the blockchain bill SB5638. The CBC is working to make Washington State the center for blockchain standards, particularly in Supply Chain.