Technology Innovations


Dragonchain’s patented Interchain allows all blockchains, both public and private, to connect and interact securely. With Interchain capabilities, Dragonchain redefines the use of blockchain technology. By allowing users to conduct processing across different blockchains, providing true interoperability. It simplifies business processes with added security and utility, high transaction speeds, and low operational costs. Interchain allows for interoperability with public blockchain networks such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ethereum Classic.

Dragon Factor

There is nothing more important than protecting the personal information of your customers, employees, and partners. Dragon Factor provides secure, decentralized identity, authentication and access to applications. Unlike most other competing federated identity solutions, Dragon Factor gives business and the user control of the data and who has access to it, without sacrificing security and privacy.

Tokenized Micro-License

Dragonchain’s patented Tokenized Micro-License (TML) allows individuals to hold licenses much like early software license models, yet still supports vendor or decentralized hosting of software services. TML can also be standardized for many flexible forms of redemption via software access and execution. The token’s license comes in to effect for every use, execution, or access and can be embedded into every service to create a flexible framework for software license innovation.


TIME allows users to monetize their loyalty, generating rewards for each day a Dragon tokenized micro-license is held in an account. By using Proof-of-Time, Dragonchain is able to counteract fraud and prevent bad actors from entering the Dragonchain ecosystem.

Dragon Net

Dragonchain’s distinct architecture sets it apart from all other blockchains. Enabled through its 5 Levels of Consensus, Dragonchain provides a spectrum of trust and allows for multiple proof protocols to be utilized. Enterprise clients manage their sensitive business data and logic on Level 1 of Dragonchain. Scaled consensus is performed by a network of independent verification nodes in Levels 2-4 of Dragonchain.

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