More than Just a Ledger

Build consumer friendly blockchain powered applications with Dragonchain. Data is never kept on-chain, but secured leveraging the hash power of other networks.

Dragonchain Built Solutions

In addition to the core distributed ledger technology (DLT) solution, Dragonchain has pre-built business-ready applications posting transactions powered by DragonNet.


An immutable copy of a tweet, interchained with the world's best blockchains. Each Dragonchain transaction randomly interchains with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Chain, or Ethereum Classic blockchains.

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Decentralized Identity

Dragon Factor

Dragon Factor uses blockchain technology that allows users to authenticate to a website or other service with a secure cryptographic signing mechanism. No username or password will be necessary or required for the sign-in process.

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Den, Social Media Reinvented

A tokenized community built on Dragonchain SaaS platform, incentivizes the creation and evaluation of quality content. Dragon Den’s reward model focuses on evaluating content within individual communities, grouped by a common topic or area of interest. Each community decides if content has merit.

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Learning Management System


A blockchain-based Learning Management System, and tokenized education program. Create a marketplace of courses, earn for creating and receive certifications verified on chain.

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