Dragonchain's Leadership

Dragonchain is more than a company; our unique experiences give us perspectives and insight you can’t find anywhere else.

“Innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum; it comes as the result of a dedicated team working towards the same mission.”

Joe Roets, Architect, Founder, & CEO of Dragonchain

Architect, Founder, and Chief Executive Officer

Joe Roets

Joe Roets is the Architect, Founder, and Chief Executive Officer of Seattle-based Dragonchain. He has over 20 years of experience in software architecture, focused primarily on security and scalability. He has created and led multiple technology startups, beginning in the mid-1990s.

Roets is a visionary and thought leader in blockchain technology, having led or contributed to projects in the space since 2010 at companies such as Overstock, Coinbase, Symbiont, and The Walt Disney Company.

Chief Operating Officer

Jonel Cordero

As Chief Operating Officer, Jonel brings over 10 years of experience in business administration and entrepreneurship and serves as the bridge between multiple departments. He joined Dragonchain in its early stages and has been pivotal in the development of the company’s brand. Jonel has built his business acumen as an online boutique fashion reseller and as a Partner and Managing Director for a local marketing agency, giving him a unique blend of experience and skills that have proven invaluable to Dragonchain.

Chief Administrative Officer, President of Dragonchain Foundation

Shirly Roets

Shirly leads Operations at Dragonchain and is the President of Dragonchain Foundation. She brings over 15 years of experience in business operations and management. Throughout her career, she has led and implemented strategic growth initiatives and entrepreneurial leadership in her companies. In Shirly’s previous role as the President of createTank, she led all aspects of strategy and growth in the federal government contracting arena, as well as commercial services and business expansion.

President of Consulting Services

Lawrence Lerner

Lawrence is a pioneer in Digital Payments with a history of success in innovation, both within large corporate and startup structures. During his career, Lawrence has worked across industries in multiple roles (executive, lead technologist, public board director) to enable digital transformation, scaling up businesses using edge technologies and processes creating $100Ms in new revenue. Lawrence has worked in the cryptocurrency space since the late 90’s and in blockchain since 2011. His blockchain venture fund had its first exit in 2019 with four startups in the portfolio. In 2018, he co-founded the Cascadia Blockchain Council. The CBC already has a list of regional wins including the blockchain bill SB5638. The CBC is working to make Washington the center for blockchain standards particularly in Supply Chain.

VP of Strategic Business Development

Filip Hantson

Filip brings over 20 years of business development experience to Dragonchain. Innovation and information technology has been a key component throughout his career, and after reading Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper he was convinced to focus on blockchain technology for businesses. Prior to joining Dragonchain, Filip spearheaded financial operations, business development teams, and business divisions for leading organizations like IBM, Anixter, Rentokil-Initial, and Puratos.


Matthew Roszak

Matthew Roszak is a leading blockchain investor, entrepreneur and advocate. Matthew is chairman and co-founder of Bloq, a blockchain technology company — and the creator of Metronome, a next generation cryptocurrency. Matthew is also founding partner of Tally Capital, a private investment firm focused on cryptocurrencies and blockchain-enabled technology, with a portfolio of market leading companies including Binance, Block.One, Civic, Genaro, Hilo, Messari, Orchid, Polymath, Rivetz, SpaceChain, tZERO and Qtum.


Jeff Garzik

Jeff Garzik has long been at the center of developing and commercializing open source software surrounding bitcoin and blockchain. Before co-founding Bloq to develop enterprise-grade blockchain solutions, he spent five years as a Bitcoin core developer, and 10 years at Red Hat. His work with the Linux kernel is now found in every Android phone and data center running Linux today. Garzik serves on the board of the Linux Foundation and Coin Center, and the advisory boards of BitPay, Chain, Netki and WayPaver Labs. He was recently appointed to the World Economic Forum Expert Network as an expert in IT.


Tom Bush

Thomas E. Bush III served with the FBI for over 33 years. Tom worked in various assignments involving Bank Robbery and Fugitive matters and supervisory roles in Violent Crime and Drug & Civil Rights investigations. During his tenure with the Criminal Justice Information Services Division (CJIS), Tom was responsible for daily operations of the FBI’s largest division; with over 2500 employees and an annual budget of roughly $1 billion. Two significant IT projects were awarded by CJIS with early increments delivered; Next Generation Identification and N-DEx. Tom played key roles to establish interoperability between FBI, DHS, and DoD biometric systems.