Interchain for future-proof blockchain solutions

Interoperability with Any Blockchain

Choosing a blockchain platform can be a difficult decision that also has the added uncertainty of what will happen to a blockchain. Interchain can address these concerns by giving users the added capabilities of multiple blockchains, while also providing the flexibility of not having to commit to a single platform. This breakthrough technology gives you blockchain interoperability, enabling the widest range of functionality, the most options, and the greatest amount of security to help you create future-proof blockchain solutions.

Interchain as a Service

Blockchain interoperability is one of the biggest topics in the space, with many blockchain companies claiming to be developing this capability. Our Interchain as a Service (IaaS) makes connectivity between blockchains a reality.

  • Connect to any blockchain
    Interchain serves as the bridge between public and private blockchains and can help you connect your solution to protocols like Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • Flexibility on a case by case basis
    Interchain allows you to designate different projects, smart contracts, and blockchain applications to different blockchains, based on your needs
  • Work faster and cheaper
    By operating on lesser-used blockchains for certain tasks, you are able to benefit from their faster transaction speeds and low operational costs. Having the ability to use different blockchain platforms allows you to be more scalable in your blockchain solutions and applications
  • The right tool for the job
    Interchain gives you the ability to use special tools that’s accessible through a utility chain, like those used for quantum computing or supply chain. Normally, being locked into one of these blockchains would narrow your capabilities, but with Interchain, you can stay connected while having a flexible blockchain solution
  • Own and protect your data
    With Interchain, you can use the functionality of public and private blockchains to manage and control your data. Interchain allows you to use a private network to store sensitive data and business logic, while having the option to publish certain information to a public blockchain
  • Ready for anything
    Interchain capabilities let you plan for the worst by leveraging the security of multiple blockchains. By having the capability to publish transactions to different blockchain, you can protect yourself against potential attacks and keep data and processing even if an individual blockchain is compromised