Our 2019 Hackathon concluded with an exciting outcome, with teams from across the globe. Here were some of the featured projects from this year’s hackathon:

TempGuard is a temperature monitoring solution that uses sensors to automate and ledger the monitoring of temperature on the blockchain.

CEBlocks is an accredited continuing education certificate authority, loyalty program, and marketplace solution in one.

Melange is a meme-tracking chain, capable of registering new memes and tracking shares. Images are branded with a digital watermark using steganography to establish ownership.

Prizes Won:

  • Commercially Viable: TempGuard (1 BTC worth of Dragons)
  • Most Innovative: TempGuard (0.25 BTC worth of Dragons)
  • Best Integration: CEBlocks (0.25 BTC worth of Dragons)
  • Most Creative: Melange (0.1 BTC worth of Dragons)

For an overview of each project, check out our Projects Spotlight blog.

To view the most recent Hackathon’s rules, regulations, and format click here.

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