Token Info

Token name: Dragon

Ticker/symbol: DRGN

Token model: Tokenized Micro License™

Token standard: Ethereum ERC20

Tokenized Micro-License(TML)

Dragonchain’s patented Tokenized Micro-License (TML) is a new approach to software access. It allows individuals to hold licenses much like early software license models, yet still allows for vendor or decentralized hosting of software services. TML can also be standardized for many flexible forms of redemption via software access and execution.

Tokens contain a license that is maintained on the blockchain with both programmatic (smart contract-based) terms and human-readable (traditional legal) terms embedded. The token’s license comes in to effect for every use, execution, or access. This license is embedded into every service (programmatic/smart contract and traditional) to create a flexible framework for software license innovation.