Dragon Den

Using blockchain technology to counter fake news and reward quality content in social media.

Technology Overview

Current social media platforms have no established way to verify users and content published. As a result, quality content may end up littered with spam, and disinformation. Content ownership is limited, therefore creators aren’t rewarded for high-quality content produced, and risk their work being plagiarized. Verifying content published on these platforms is not only difficult to do, but can become very costly, therefore maintaining these services often require taking proceeds earned through a creators’ work.

Dragon Den, a tokenized community built on the Dragonchain hybrid blockchain platform, incentivizes the creation and evaluation of quality content. Dragon Den’s reward model focuses on evaluating content within individual communities, grouped by a common topic or area of interest. Each community decides if content has merit.

Technology Features & Specifications

As Dragon Den is built on top of Dragonchain’s highly scalable and secure hybrid blockchain, it utilizes core functionalities of the technology like:

Cryptographic tokens

Cryptographic tokens are used within the Dragon Den platform to reward the creation and evaluation of quality content within communities. It is also important to reward early evaluation of content that is later determined to be quality content in order to push that content to the top for consumption and further evaluation. Blockchain technology enables the use of these cryptographic tokens and their secure transfers within the system.

Time and loyalty

A loyalty based mechanism built in relation to time, (i.e. a combined score of amount of tokens the user holds and the time of holding them) which attenuates an attacker’s actions, as a bad actor would need to obtain the tokens for a specific community to participate in disingenuous behavior (in significant amount or for a significant amount of time). This will disincentivize behavior that the community does not value.

Fractionalization of ownership

A Lair is a topic or community-oriented room that can be owned by one or more individuals. In the case that Lair ownership is distributed amongst multiple individuals, Lair ownership will be provable and tokenized with a specific token contract. Lair ownership comes with benefits as a portion of generated rewards goes to Lair owners proportionally based up the number of ownership tokens that they possess.


All actions in the system have a modeled scarcity (e.g. voting, posting, replying, Lair creation) in order to prevent abuse and improve the quality of content.

Potential Applications

  • A social media platform free of disinformation, bad actors, spam and fake accounts.
  • Content creators and content evaluators get rewarded directly from their followers without a central authority manipulating traffic and/or rewards.
  • Ad-free social platform.