Highly Automated and Secure

You want to deliver and consume data and services like a utility. Efficient. Less human error. Always available. Always runs. No commitments.

Let Dragonchain be your data broker.

Basic Data Transaction Models aren’t Reliable

In the age of digital transformation, legacy architectures are causing unreliable pools of data, the need for third party vendor management and broken security practices. A very different kind of management is needed when coordination can be performed without intermediaries with the help of new technologies.

Transition to Dragonchain

Dragonchain is built for a new standard of exchange. Dragonchain is not just a blockchain: it offers data confidence, decentralized identity, and micro-process execution.

Immutable, Trusted and Transparent

Dragonchain solves this with a distributed general ledger, providing consensus on the state of multiple different systems, combined with automation and identity solutions to enable deterministic outputs with lower risk and greater confidence.

Data Exchange Maturation Model

1) Status Quo

Technology - Non-connected products and tools that aid resources to accomplish tasks at a manual level. Low to no access to resources/data, yet reliable.

People - Research based, direct hiring. Manual controlled access, secure however costly.

Process - Slow and costly transaction, review, certification and audit processes. Low scalablity yet controlled costs.

2) Platforms

Technology - Connected products and tools to centralized ecosystems. Access to resources/data, yet unreliable.

People - Access to centralized marketplace resources utilizing reputation based systems. Less costly if risk exposure to security processes is acceptable.

Process - Automated processes. Subscription based deliveries, centralized set prices. High scalabilty yet costly third party management.

3) Blockchain-Enabled

Technology - Use a protocol of value to interact with businesses/services as you need. Set up rules on intake once. Access to resources/data and reliable.

People - Identity matches programmatically with set needs. Controlled access streamlined, less costly and lowered security process to risk exposure.

Process - Execute processes at a micro level. Tokenized services with high scalability and low cost management.

It Starts with Dragonchain

The new standard of exchange relies on data confidence, micro-process execution and decentralized identity. Those connections rely on shared data that is immutable, trusted and transparent. Dragonchain is all of these and more- the common link connecting the modern digital marketplace.