The Truth is Out There

Fake news and retractions are forms of deliberate spreading of misinformation. Fake news is generally written with the intent to spread information to sway outcomes or opinions via untruths. The degree of untruths may be mild (“Our product cleans better than any other we know”) to severe (“Killer bees are in your home right now”). Some will claim that a “little” exaggeration is ok. There is also sensationalism or provocative headlines known as “click-bait” (“Government offers $100,000 in cash to homeowners!”). Sometimes truths are told and then taken back because they no longer serve their original purpose.

Digital news and social media are the primary media for these messages. We’re served more and more of it every day. Algorithms in social media sites reinforce and redirect that content into our main feed. We’re mainlining the bad stuff. Even worse there are those people who amplify and spin the content simply because they want to watch the world burn.

Your choice is to try and fact-check each article or… hope for the best.

Enter Dragonchain.

Since 2016 Dragonchain has delivered distributed ledger technology that stores data with finality and provenance. Data is completely private and controlled by the business node on its own blockchain. That data is secured by multiple Dragonchain nodes, as well as by multiple public blockchains with proof that no tampering has occurred. Validation and consensus are distributed and may be handled by reputable third parties.

The Dragonchain platform provides all of the features enterprises require (performant, scalable) as well as the ability to leverage existing code assets. We’ve also built vertical applications that allow us to leverage the DLT features to deliver media.

The world is facing a pandemic that is disrupting our lives. COVID-19 has come with a wide range of health and public service information available on the internet. Some people are trying to take advantage of a bad situation. Health sites such as the Center for Disease Control are factual and based on science. Yet how does one know, without 20 minutes of nitpicking research that the story is accurate and unaltered?

Dragonchain’s Eternal provides an unalterable record of what was written with a timestamp. Validation of the information may be done by a trusted party such as the CDC. The final step of validation is done across blockchains and leverages the full power of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Binance.

As a public service, Dragonchain will host a specialized Eternal blockchain for the broadcasting of COVID-19 medical information. We’ll work with municipalities and corporations who would like to relay public service information.

In addition, Dragonchain’s Den product provides threaded discussion groups, not unlike sites such as Reddit. Den provides the same level of confidence and validation that you would find in any blockchain signed transaction. As an example, we will sign up county governments as validators.

Would you like us to help your municipality or company set up a validated media platform? Contact us at info[@]