Dragonchain Academy

Accessible and Affordable Blockchain Education

Dragonchain Academy is the definitive resource for getting into blockchain or starting a blockchain career. Learn technical skills like smart contract writing, solution building, and currency modeling, and get your certifications published on the blockchain. Dragonchain Academy is built to be accessible to all levels of experience, with free blockchain courses and an e-learning curriculum with tokenized rewards.

E-Learning with Blockchain Integration

  • Publish and track certifications on the blockchain
  • Earn while you learn with Academy’s tokenized reward system
  • Learn and complete courses at your own pace
  • Get started for free and take advanced courses at little to no cost

On-Site Training for Enterprises

Dragonchain Academy offers on-site training to deliver a more personalized learning experience for large groups, such as small businesses and enterprises. This program expands on the content from the online curriculum, with customizable lesson plans and hands-on workshops. These classes will be led by a member of the Dragonchain team who will be available to answer questions and solve problems on the go.