Blockchain as a Service to Empower Businesses to Innovate

“Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) empowers businesses to innovate with our platform. The platform is developed originally within The Walt Disney Company, before being open-sourced. Its built under an advanced set of patented technologies, including Interchain, with all the fundamentals of blockchain. Redefining security, privacy, decentralized applications, and containerized smart contracts. “

Deploy Enterprise Blockchain Applications Faster

We are combining innovations and the advantages of blockchain technology. All to help businesses develop, test, and deploy enterprise blockchain applications faster, and gain time-to-market advantage. Dragonchain is a fully managed cloud platform for businesses to build blockchain applications and containerized smart contracts. All in a way that is flexible, and secure. Delivered as a service, Dragonchain enables businesses to realize the benefits of blockchain technology. While simplifying integration and overcoming security challenges through a hybrid blockchain approach to security.

Blockchain as a Service at scale for Enterprise

Our BaaS makes use of Kubernetes, AWS, Docker, and OpenFaaS to run faster, cheaper, and in any programming language.

The Fastest Way to Deploy Applications

Dragonchain is the fastest way to enable blockchain technology, delivered as a platform that saves you valuable time building infrastructures.

  • Time to innovation: Get started faster
  • Blockchain development expertise is not needed
  • Allows you to focus on the applications and products

Our Blockchain as a Service platform enables you to build new blockchain applications with improved developer productivity and unlocks new business strategies and innovative ideas. Our platform helps you develop on a fully managed platform that frees up your developers to build blockchain applications and smart contracts. Without having to think about consensus, security, or scalability.

The platform allows you to spin-up a private blockchain node in seconds. So you can start writing or using smart contracts right away. Delivered as a cloud-based service, it enables you to focus on your business, offering you savings, efficiencies, and expertise. It also reduces complexities and enables secure transactions for sensitive data by interoperability with other blockchains.

Why Waste Valuable Time Building and Managing Servers for Blockchain?

For businesses, transforming operations and systems with innovative and future-proof technologies can create substantial value. Which can translate into higher profits and greater scale. Dragonchain was originally developed in 2015 and 2016 as a project inside Disney and later open-sourced and commercialized in 2017. Dragonchain offers an innovative and flexible platform offering in the form of blockchain as a service. Dragonchain’s BaaS offering delivers the benefit of taking care of management tasks, provisioning, backup patching, and software updates.

  • Transparency
  • Increased efficiency
  • Speed of transactions
  • Reduction in operating expenses

Enterprise Considerations

Enterprises that are looking to use blockchain technologies often start with public blockchains like Ethereum. Simply because the ability to use smart contracts is appealing. However, enterprises quickly find the drawbacks with Ethereum.

  • High transaction costs
  • Non-immutable contracts
  • Sensitive data cannot adhere to privacy requirements
  • Existing developers have to learn Solidity instead of coding in the languages they already know for years

Sensitive Data

Sensitive data saved on public blockchains often rely on encryption as its only protection. The problem with relying on encryption to store sensitive data on public blockchains is that encryption weakens over time and will expose data. Data stored on a public blockchain cannot adhere to GDPR regulation due to data immutability.

The Need for Private Blockchains

Businesses need to store sensitive data and meet privacy requirements. To solve this, enterprises should use private blockchains to store data to adhere to security and privacy requirements.

Dragonchain Deploys a Hybrid Model

Dragonchain is a private blockchain delivered as a service and deployed in a public/private hybrid model.

Verifying Transactions

Verify sensitive business logic using Dragon Net, Dragonchain’s 5 level consensus mechanism, where transactions start private and verified through Dragon Net. To move data or logic from private to public or from centralized to decentralized, Interchain can be used.


Interchain is a Smart Contract which allows Dragonchain blockchains to connect with external blockchains (e.g. Ethereum, etc.). Some of the interchain’s capabilities include:

  • Watching the transactions on a chain and/or address of the user’s choice
  • Firing smart contracts on Dragonchain or other public chains
  • Moving tokens or currency on Dragonchain or other chains
  • Using a public chain for a transparent process of selective parts of the user’s business logic.

Write Smart Contracts in Minutes

Why waste valuable time building and managing servers for blockchain? Ditch the infrastructure. Dragonchain creates a chain without provisioning or managing servers. With Dragonchain you can be up and running in minutes.

Blockchain Technologies

Blockchain is an immutable digital ledger system implemented in a distributed fashion. There are some basic essential characteristics:

  • Decentralization
  • Immutability
  • Trust
  • Faster/Cheaper Transaction
  • Event-Driven / Containerized Smart Contracts
  • Peer-to-Peer Networks
  • Public Key Distributions
  • Consensus Mechanisms

Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) is a cloud-based platform operated by Dragonchain that as a service model is easy to understand. This means that being delivered to a customer on the cloud (serverless) as opposed to being managed on-site/in-house. Blockchain, containerized smart contracts, security, and other features can be provisioned as a service.

Security. How do you end up on a hybrid network?

Businesses looking to use Blockchain as a Service need to consider the implications of sensitive data they need to handle. There’s a general understanding that sensitive data should not be stored on public blockchains such as ETH or BTC because of the risks of data exposure. Data that’s stored on the public blockchains often over-rely on encryption to protect sensitive data. The flaw is encryption changes over time and can expose that data. For example, cryptography weakens over time, vulnerabilities can happen in the protocols and keys can become compromised. To handle sensitive data properly, businesses are using private blockchains to protect the data. Using a private cloud allows us to rely on long-time proven cloud security. Meaning that firewall rule sets benefits from the architecture, built to meet the requirements of existing cloud applications. Further allowing you to scale and innovate, and maintain a secure environment without the upfront expenses. This allows you to keep your data safe, meet regulatory compliance, save costs, and scale quickly. The cloud security model allows for capabilities to increase privacy and access control. Firewalls built into Amazon’s VPC’s, encryption across all services, options that enable private and dedicated connections.

How do you know if a transaction ever occurred?

Dragon Net verifies transactions have occurred, provides transparencies, to the proof of existence (PoE).

  • Transaction: A transaction is the basis with which all events or data transfers are recorded within the blockchain platform. The system should define a flexible and extensible standardized transaction structure.
  • Proof of Existence: Proof implementation that verifies the existence of a transaction on a private blockchain network.
  • Interchain: Interoperability with other blockchains.

Benefits of Blockchain

  • Building Trust
  • Currency Exchange at the transaction level
  • Provides ability to decentralize information and remove intermediaries
  • Allows for an event-driven model to build efficiencies in business

Challenges of Blockchain

  • Centralized Information
  • Integration with Legacy Systems

Create Blockchain Applications Today

Whether you’re an enterprise wanting to integrate blockchain into a business or a developer looking for a platform to build on, Dragonchain has you covered. Access the resources best suited to your needs on our BaaS platform.